Writing Samples

Here are two writing samples and an editing sample. I am posting them here so that potential employers can find them online.

Writing Sample (1) - Argument from Final Brief for Appellate Advocacy

Writing Sample (2) - Final Brief for Legal Writing

Editing Sample - Memo from Accuracy-Check for Law Journal

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Ideas for a New Form of Legal Website

I am posting a document entitled “Ideas for a Sentencing Website” that I completed last summer. This was part of my work as a Research Assistant for Prof. Doug Berman, who blogs at Sentencing Law and Policy. I previously described my work for him as an RA here, which included organizing the content of his blog into a more permanent collection.

This document proposes a Sentencing Website which would incorporate Internet mediums such as web-forums, blog collections, and online databases. My ideas for a new form of legal website may have application to specialties outside of sentencing law. I am posting this with the view that legal practitioners in other fields might find it useful as a model.


Here is an ouline of my written proposal for a new form of legal website. In my document, each point also includes online examples:




My proposal is available for downloading here:

Ideas for a Sentencing Website

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Footnote 123

My Recent Development case note is in its final form, and is now available for downloading. The note is on Campbell v. General Dynamics Gov’t Sys. Corp, 407 F.3d 546 (1st Cir. 2005), which concerns whether a hyperlink on a mass email sent by a company to its employees provided sufficient notice of a mandatory arbitration agreement. The print version of the case note includes a footnote numbered "123," which points readers to this electronic "Footnote 123" on 3L Epiphany. This case note will be published in an upcoming edition of the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution.

Download Recent Development on Campbell   

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