Visualize Your Blog's Connectivity with TouchGraph

You can create a map of your blog's network of connectivity with TouchGraph. I've created the below maps for Law Blog Metrics, Law Librarian Blog, and the blogs of the Law Professor Blogs Network hosted on our Network's master TypePad domain using the TouchGraph Google Browser (click on the image for a larger display).

Law Blog Metrics
Law Librarian Blog
Law Professor
Blogs Network

To really appreciate the power of this tool, the images of the above maps do not do it justice because the actual visualizations are interactive. The TouchGraph Google Browser relies on Google's database of related sites for data. All you need is a URL and the latest version of Java installed on your computer. [JH]

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Beyond the Blog/Wiki-Web

CALI's John Mayer reflects on the post-blog/wiki-web, when these blogs and wikis and tags and RSS feeds are not artifacts in themselves, but are embedded into everything else, using time and permanence as criteria for evaluating all applications of the read/write web. Very interesting. See Embedding the Read/Write Web in ... Everything, but Especially Education.

And remember the 2007 Conference for Law School Computing is coming up. Legal Education and IT: Mirage or Oasis? will take place on June 18-20, 2007 in Las Vegas. [JH]

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