Open Invitation for Additions to Taxonomy

I have created this post so that readers can suggest additions and improvements to my Taxonomy of Legal Blogs. Readers can use the Comments feature at the bottom of this post for:


  1. adding legal blogs that are missing from the taxonomy (please feel free to recommend categories for these blogs);
  2. suggesting that legal blogs currently included in the taxonomy belong in different or additional categories;
  3. suggesting that legal blogs which were purposely omitted from the taxonomy should be included (see the posts here);
  4. suggesting that entirely new categories of legal blogs should be added, or that existing categories should be changed or subdivided; and
  5. providing updates about legal blogs which have a new URL, or have become inactive.   

The taxonomy was originally limited to American and Canadian legal blogs. But readers who wish to recommend legal blogs from other countries may do so here. Interested readers should also visit the global Observatory of the Legal Blogosphere.


The taxonomy does not include law student blogs. Rather than posting them here in the comments, readers should go to Clever WoT’s excellent Law Student Blogger Directory. Any omissions can be added there.


Here is an initial list of legal blogs that will be added to my taxonomy after the Bar is over:

Readers can add more legal blogs and suggest other improvements in the comments below. This post will thus become a continuation of the taxonomy. Thanks in advance to all who participate.

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