Taxonomy Addendum: 104 More Legal Blogs

The following legal blogs have not yet been added to my taxonomy. I'm not entirely sure if/when I will do so, but I'm posting them here so that readers can know of them in the meantime. I learned about most of them from comments to this post or from emails. There are 104 legal blogs on this list.


Agricultural Law 

Antitrust and Distribution Law Blog 

Appellate Law & Practice

The Art Law Blog

Aviation Law Prof Blog


BC Law IPTF Blog

Bench Conference

Blawg IT 

Blog: Today’s Workplace

Blogging Biodiversity


California Supreme Court Pending Appellate Cases 

Canadian Trademark Blog

Cheyenne Personal Injury Lawyer
Colorado DivorcePoint! Divorce Law Blog 

Colorado Springs Personal Injury Lawyer

CommLaw Source

Consumer Law & Policy Blog,

Corrections Sentencing

Credit Slips

Crime and Consequences 

Customs Law 



Denver Personal Injury Lawyer
Divorce Law Journal


E-Commerce Law

Embezzlement Lawyer Blog

Eminent Domain Watch 


The Fire of Genius 

FIRE – The Torch

Fraud & Corruption File


Georgia DUI Blog

Georgetown Law Faculty Blog

Grand Junction Personal Injury Lawyer 




iBlawg (Duke Univ.)

The Illinois Trial Practice Blog

Indiana Family Law 


Injustice Anywhere

Insurance Coverage Law Blog 


International Economic Law and Policy Blog 

IP Due Diligence

IP Legal Lounge 


Jason the Content Librarian

Jeremy Richey’s Religion Law Blog

Jersey City Personal Injury Lawyer

Jim Hamilton’s World of Securities Regulation







Law and Letters

The Law Business 

Law Blog Central

Law Firm Internet Marketing Blawg 

Laws 1032

The Legal Reader 

Legal Research & Writing


Maryland Divorce Legal Center

Mass Tort Litigation Blog.

Michigan Collection Law Blog

Minnesota Business Litigation Blog 

Missing Children Blog

Money Laundering Blog 

Money Law

My Social Security Disability SSI Blog 


Navigating the Patent Maze 

New Jersey Domestic Partnership Information 

Notice of Appeal


Ohio Death Penalty Information

Orange Book Blog


Patent Pros 

The Patent Prospector 

Patent Trademark Blog 

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) Blog 

Prosecutor Post-Script

Public Law: California Municipal Lawyer


Qui Tam Whistleblower Lawyer


Rapanos Blog


South Carolina Trial Law Blog

Start Making Sense

Structured Settlements 4Real 

Surrogacy & Egg Donation Blog



Temporary Attorney

Tort Law Journal (Ohio)

Trade Secrets Blog 


Uncivil Society 

Underdog Blog

University of Illinois College of Law Blogs 

University of Toronto Law School Faculty Blog 

Utah District Court CMECF Updates

Utah and Nevada Estate Planning Blog 


Vincent G. Rinn Law Library Blog (DePaul)



What’s New in Employment Law?
Womble Carlyle Construction Industry Blog 


The Yin Blog

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