Question for Visitors from University of Missouri

One great benefit of blogging is that the locations visitors come from can be instantly identified. This is an unprecedented development in the history of publishing. Anyone who has published an article in a traditional journal simply has no way of knowing whether someone was reading it earlier today. If someone did read it, there's no way of telling where the reader was located. A blog, on the other hand, allows the author to keep track of visitor locations, as well as referring URL's, domain names, and other interesting information. And the blogger's ability to update his blog allows him to quickly interact with specified readers. Hence this blog post.

According to my Sitemeter, I received several visitors today from the University of Missouri - Columbia. I assume they were from the law school, but they could have been from the main university. The domain name in each case was “,” and the IP addresses were very close to each other, as if they were located in a library computer lab.

I am hoping that someone from the Univ. of Missouri could let me know if anything specific caused them to visit. The referring URL’s were usually searches for “3L Epiphany” on Google or Yahoo. I am especially interested if this was a class visitation. Could any one of these readers let me know, what caused you to search for 3L Epiphany?

Whatever your reason, I won't reveal it on this blog without permission. Mostly, I'm just curious. My email address is on the top left corner, or you can leave a comment to this post. Much thanks to anyone who replies.

As an aside, I have a habit of collecting foreign locations of visitors to 3L Epiphany. Examples are here.

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Question on Alphabetizing Blogs

I have a question for readers concerning my taxonomy. When I compiled my list of legal blogs, I counted the definite article “the” for the purposes of alphabetizing. For example, here are the first few blogs starting with “the,” which I included in my list under “T.”

The 10B-5 Daily

the 13th juror

The Advertising Law Blog

The Antitrust Monitor

The Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog

The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog

The Best Defense

The Common Scold

The Commons Blog

The Confrontation Blog

The Connecticut Law Blog

The Corporate Counsel

The Curmudgeonly Clerk


I noticed that this was the way most bloggers listed them on their blog rolls. Because I want my final taxonomy to be user-friendly and simple to navigate, I would like to hear from readers whether they prefer using “the” or not when alphabetizing blogs. For example, should The Confrontation Blog go under “C,” or under “T”? While I will not be creating a new list of legal blogs, I will be alphabetizing the existing ones within given categories. So if there is a particular method that is preferred by readers, I will use that one.

As I’ve said before, one of the benefits of carrying out a research project on a blog is that you can have instantaneous reader feedback. I encourage readers to tell me their preferences for the sake of facilitating my future taxonomy’s usefulness. I will continue asking readers for their opinions as I carry out my research project. Some of the questions may seem nitpicky, like this one, while others will be more substantial. Thank you in advance for any who comment below. If no one comments, I'll just keep it the way it is.

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Question about Links and New Windows

     I have a question that I'm hoping some reader can help me with. Why does a link sometimes lead to a brand new window, while other times it causes the page to change? That is, when you click on a link to another blog, sometimes a new window opens up and 3L Epiphany remains in the background; other times you are no longer at 3L Epiphany, you are at the link’s destination. Is this something left up to chance, or is there a way you can choose which type of link you prefer?


     For example, my post on specialty blogs contains links that open up a new page (like all of the blogs under “Admiralty Law”), and links that cause the page itself to change (like all of the blogs under “Business/Corporate Law”). Can this aspect of linking to other sites be chosen, perhaps when you copy a URL into the text of your own post?


     My own personal preference would be to open a new window with each link. I'm just not sure how that's managed. Knowledgeable readers, please let me know, even if it's a dumb question.

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