Online Companions to Law Reviews -- Fizz or Fizzle?

Online law review companions can take several forms (websites, blogs, forums, etc) for a number of purposes (publishing scholarship on topics that might not fit the editorial confines of the hardcopy review,  providing a means for responses and critiques of recently published articles, etc). On PrawfsBlawg, Scott Dodson (Arkansas) wonders about the value of online companions to law reviews. Do they?  Unfortunately, Dodson poses the question without surveying the landscape of this form of web communications.

Hat tip to Adjunct Law Prof Blog. [JH]

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New Companion Website to Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, a peer-evaluated, faculty-student journal published semi-annually by The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law has launched an online companion website, OSJCL Amici: Views From the Field. Hosting timely commentaries from crim law practitioners, OSJCL Amici: Views from the Field aspires to "help bridge divide between the academy and the practicing community by creating a venue for leading practitioners to engage with academics, students, the public, and others in the criminal law field." [JH]

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Two New Online Law Student Run Publications

University of Idaho law students are launching an online Journal of Critical Studies. From the press release:

This coming spring, the University of Idaho's College of Law introduces the "University of Idaho Journal of Critical Studies," or "The Crit." The multi-media publication will provide a new and innovative forum for analyses, scholarly discussion, and critical assessment of legal, social, economic, and political issues and institutions.

"'The Crit' will not be limited to a classic law review format,” said Michael Satz, associate professor of law and faculty adviser for the student-run publication. "We want to include input from students and scholars from many disciplines. A multidisciplinary approach is important because the law is not something you can think about or practice in isolation."

"The Crit" currently is accepting audio, video, art, cartoon, text and narrative submissions. For more information, visit

The Southern California Law Review has announced the launch of Postscript, its new online companion that will feature article responses and create an interactive venue for dialogue about Law Review and other current topics. From the press release:.

Postscript will feature material submitted by academics, judges, practitioners and law students, published in one of two categories: responses to articles published in the Southern California Law Review, and commentaries on recent changes in the law or other legal developments.

“Postscript gives the Law Review an opportunity to reach broader audiences and encourage debate and discussion,” said Jeannette Mekdara, 3L and editor-in-chief of the Southern California Law Review.

The student-run Law Review receives an overwhelming number of submissions for each of the six issues it publishes annually — generally about 2,000 submissions for the 12 available article slots. Postscript will allow students to publish more material on an ongoing basis, and continue the conversation in a more immediate forum.


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See Also, Online Companion to Texas Law Review

The Texas Law Review has joined the online companion trend by launching See Also. See Also will publish responses and critiques of recently published articles in the Texas Law Review.  According to the announcement, "for each issue of the Review, See Also features responses from members of the academic community and practitioners, styled as op-ed pieces, in order to promote further discussion of the topics addressed in the Review.  In addition, See Also provides a forum for our readers to offer their own thoughts and perspectives." [JH]

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