Recent Locations of Worldwide Visitors

Here are the international locations of recent visitors to 3L Epiphany. These came after my online publication of the taxonomy. For an explanation of why I keep track of locations, see here. This shows one important advantage that blogs have over seminar papers and law review articles: a potential worldwide readership, from locations which can be specifically determined.


  1. Algeria - Alger
  2. Argentina – Buenos Aires; Hurlingham; Mar Del Plata; Munro; Olavarra; El Palomar; El Talar
  3. Azerbaijan - Baku
  4. Austria – Linz; Rum
  5. Bahamas
  6. Belarus - Minsk
  7. BelgiumBautershoven; Brussels; Kortenberg; Kruibeke; Leuven; Tielen; Vlaams-Brabant
  8. Bermuda – Hamilton
  9. Bhutan

  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Mostar

  11. BrazilCuritiba; Florianpolis; Sao Paulo; So Jos Dos Pinhais

  12. BulgariaPlovdiv; Sofia
  13. Chile – Iquique; Providencia; Santiago; Talcahuano; Valdivia; Via Del Mar
  14. China – Beijing; Chongqing; Hangzhou; Hebei; Henan; Maip; Shanghai; Wuhan
  15. Columbia - Bogot
  16. Croatia - Rijeka
  17. Czech Republic - Prague
  18. Denmark  Herstedvester
  19. Ecuador – Quito
  20. Egypt –  `Abdin; As Sayyidah Zaynab; Cairo
  21. Fiji - Lami
  22. FinlandKlemetskog; Parkstad
  23. FranceAix-en-Provence; Amiens; Asnire; Barneau; Blandy; Chambry; Houilles; Ile-de-France; Jumainville; Lanester; Le Kremlin-Bictre; Lorraine; Maisons-Alfort; Malakoff; Le Mnil; Montivilliers; Montpellier; Nice; Paris; Le Pre-Saint-Gervais; Roubaix; Saclay; Seclin; Septmes-les-Vallons; Strasbourg; Vanves; Versailles; Villebon-sur-Yvette; Vitry-sur-Seine
  24. Germany – Allmering; Baach; Bovenden; Cologne; Heddernheim; Heidelberg; Henglarn; Marburg An Der Lahn; Muenchen; Othmarschen; Pattensen; Rbke; Reidelbach; Taufkirchen; Wiefelstede; Wiesloch; Wildensorg 
  25. Ghana
  26. Greece – Koutoumo
  27. Hong Kong
  28. Hungary – Budapest; Tokaj
  29. India – Bangalore; Bombay; Chandigrah; Coimbotore; Delhi; Lamba; Ludhiana; Madras
  30. Indonesia - Jakarta; Surabaya
  31. Iran - Irancheh
  32. Israel – Gan Soreq; Haifa; Tel Aviv
  33. Italy – Afragola; Cavenzano; Florence; Marano; Milan; Rome
  34. Jamaica Kingston
  35. JapanKagoshima; Kawaguchi; Kyoto; Nagoya; Sobue; Tokyo; Urayasu
  36. Jordan - Amman
  37. Korea - Seoul
  38. Kuwait
  39. Laos – Vientiane

  40. Latvia – Riga
  41. Luxembourg - Schleiwenhaff
  42. Malaysia - Serdang Lama

  43. Mauritius
  44. Mexico – Mexico City; Morelia; Veracruz; Zapopan
  45. Moldova - Chisnau
  46. Morocco
  47. Netherlands – Amsterdam; De Bilt; The Hague; Hillegom; Hoofddorp; Maastricht; De Marshoek; Utrecht; Voorschoten
  48. Niger – Niamey

  49. Norway Bod; Oslo; Trondheim
  50. Pakistan – Islamabad
  51. PhilippinesBaclaran; Makati; Manila; Palanan
  52. PolandKrakw; Warsaw
  53. Portugal - Alganhafres; Amadora; Beja; Cabo
  54. Romania – Bucharest
  55. Russian Federation – Moscow; Omsk; Yaroslavl
  56. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Kingstown
  57. Serbia and Montenegro - Belgrade
  58. Slovakia – Bratslava
  59. Slovenia - Ljubljana
  60. South Africa - Johannesburg
  61. Spain – A Corua; Alicante; Barcelona; Compostela; Derio; Fuente Carreteros; Lora Del Ro; Madrid; Sevilla; Ura; Zaragoza
  62. Sweden – Agnesberg; Backa; Bckviken; Gteborg; Hillarp; Jnkping; Kista; Klarne; Landala; Stockholm; Uppsala; Vastra Gotaland
  63. Switzerland – Berne; Biberist; Rapperswil; Zurich
  64. Syria – Damascus

  65. Taiwan – Taipei
  66. Thailand – Ban Bang Phai; Bangkok; Changwat; Thessalonki
  67. Ukraine – Odesa
  68. United Arab Emirites – Dubai; Sharjah
  69. Vietnam - Hanoi
  70. Zambia – Mwanza

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1,972 Visitors, 25 Countries

I have occasionally listed the places around the world where readers of 3L Epiphany have come from (see e.g. here). I do this for the sole purpose of displaying the inherent potential of law student blogs to connect with readers that are typically unreachable. The new list below is nothing I can boast in, because these readers were referred here by blogs like The Volokh Conspiracy and How Appealing. But law students should recognize that blogs can transcend typical geographic boundaries, allowing their work to be known globally.

Because of links from established blogs with a large readership, I received almost 900 visits in one single day. The total for this past week is 1,972. I expect that this number may be greater than the subscription rate of many law reviews and journals. I have also been read by people from more than 35 different countries since beginning two months ago (25 in the past four days).


Law students, your journal note or article, no matter how excellent, will not be read in that many places by that many people. If you begin a personal blog that becomes an authority on a particular legal issue, you will be read. It is worthwhile to avail yourself of this tremendous new resource for publishing your work.

Below is a partial list of places where visitors to 3L Epiphany from the past four days have come from. I did not include the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, or Australia.

1. Brazil (Goinea)

2. Chile (Santiago)

3. China (Beijing)

4. Columbia (Bogot)

5. Czech Republic (Prague)

6. Estonia (Tallinn)

7. France (Grenoble)

8. Germany (Berlin; Frankfurt; Garstedterdamm; Rodetal; Stephanshausen)

9. Guatemala (Guatemala City)

10. Hong Kong

11. Hungary (Budapest)

12. Ireland (Dublin)

13. Israel (Haifa)

14. Kenya

15. Korea (Seoul)

16. Mexico (Mexico City)

17. Morocco

18. Netherlands (Amsterdam)

19. New Zealand (Ngauranga; Runciman)

20. Norway (Oslo)

21. Phillipines (Phillipine)

22. Romania (Bordea; Neamt) 

23. Slovenia (Ljubljana)

24. Spain (Madrid)

25. Sweden (Malm; Nynshamn)

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Where Am I? Find Out Now

If you would like to see where I am right now as I post this on my blog, beginning with a view of the Earth from outer space and then narrowing to my location at Moritz College of Law (OSU), please follow these instructions. Trust me on this one, it’s worth it just to see how it works. Unfortunately you will have to download a program, but it’s from Google and shouldn’t cause any problems.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Get Google Earth (free version).”
  3. Download the program onto your computer.
  4. Install and open the Google Earth program.
  5. You will see a satellite image of the Earth.
  6. At the top left corner, enter: 55 West 12th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.
  7. As the building appears in your viewpoint, you will see on your left "Mirror Lake," which is a very pleasant spot on the OSU campus with a sign that says "Don't Feed the Ducks" but gives insufficient notice.
  8. The building right below the address on the satellite screen is Moritz College of Law, on the Ohio State University campus. You can identify it by an extension that juts out of the north-west corner.
  9. Put your cursor (hand) on the building and click a few times. It will provide a closer view.
  10. When I myself did this, the screen showed three red cars in the parking lot. My library study carrel is not far from an aisle that leads to a window overlooking the parking lot. I walked over to a window on the west-side of the building, and those red cars were still there.
  11. If you click on Moritz College a couple more times, you will see a white rectangle on the top left corner, and under it a dark line separating white from a mixture of green and purple.
  12. At the moment I am posting this (5 pm) I am in the middle and to the right of that dark line, in my library study carrel.

Update: I've done the same thing at 9 pm in the evening, and I see the same picture I saw earlier. So obviously that can't possibly mean it's a live view. Yet those red cars were there, so either it was just a coincidence that there were three red cars in similar spots, or the satellite photo was taken at a certain time of the day and saved. In any case, it's still an incredible program for seeing your actual location by satellite.

More Updates:

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New Locations (and an Explanation)

I am adding some new locations of visitors, and other blog-details, below. This is an update of the list posted earlier.

Just to be clear, I’m not posting this to be self-aggrandizing. I’m merely keeping track of these developments for the sake of demonstrating the unique nature of the blogosphere. In the space of a few days my blog has traveled across the U.S. and Canada, and oversees to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. My reference to these locations is for the sake of illustrating the remarkable capability of this new form of global communication.

I fully realize that people aren’t going to keep coming back to this site just to see how far it’s traveled or what my latest statistics are. I’m just keeping track of this at the beginning to show the potential value of maintaining a law student blog. The amount of time between 3L Epiphany being completely unknown, predicting a potential blogstorm, and observing the escalating traffic with this post, is miniscule compared to the number of readers and the diversity of their locations. And I will therefore keep repeating that law students benefit from entering this new universe.


Canadian Provinces


More Details

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Location of Visitors to this Site

My "launch day" was Feb. 1st and 2nd. Since then I have received visitors from the following places:



The past two days I have received just short of 1,000 visits, although no doubt sometimes from the same people. Probably more people have read my blog in the last week than would read a law review article of mine in a century. Of course, the content of this blog is not up to the standard of a law review article. But clearly there is something impressive about a medium that can lead to so much attention so quickly. Based on the blogs I have seen among lawyers and law firms, it is becoming increasingly obvious to those in the legal profession that blogging allows outreach on an unprecedented scale. The reason I listed these states and countries is to verify that reality.

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