A New Blog on Law School Innovation

An exciting new blog has been launched, devoted to Law School Innovation. It is being headed up by Prof. Doug Berman of Sentencing Law and Policy fame, and will include other contributors as well. I sincerely hope that LSI provokes many beneficial discussions about how to modernize the current system of legal education. The initial posts and reader comments show a lot of promise, and are highly recommended: 

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Harvard Finally Catches Up with Ohio State

Harvard Law School has made some changes to its 1L curriculum, as has been noted all over the legal blogosphere (example here). Harvard’s modifications will no doubt cause many other law schools to follow suit, as they did 100 years ago. Progress comes slow in the legal academy.


One such change in the Harvard first-year curriculum is the adding of a mandatory class in legislation. Moritz Law School (Ohio State University) was already ahead of the curve on this one, having made Legislation mandatory in 1993 (approx.). The Harvard course may be a bit different because it combines legislation and regulation into one class. 


So, future and prospective law students, eschew the east coast, come to OSU, and stay on the cutting edge of legal academic progress.


They’ve also been known at OSU to give academic credit for blogging, at least on one occasion (self-promotion alert, my apologies). They don’t do that at Harvard yet, or anywhere else, but the time will come. For a potential example, see here.

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