Ideas for a New Form of Legal Website

I am posting a document entitled “Ideas for a Sentencing Website” that I completed last summer. This was part of my work as a Research Assistant for Prof. Doug Berman, who blogs at Sentencing Law and Policy. I previously described my work for him as an RA here, which included organizing the content of his blog into a more permanent collection.

This document proposes a Sentencing Website which would incorporate Internet mediums such as web-forums, blog collections, and online databases. My ideas for a new form of legal website may have application to specialties outside of sentencing law. I am posting this with the view that legal practitioners in other fields might find it useful as a model.


Here is an ouline of my written proposal for a new form of legal website. In my document, each point also includes online examples:




My proposal is available for downloading here:

Ideas for a Sentencing Website

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