Greetings, Charlottesville!

One of the more enjoyable aspects of blogging is that you can easily install a free sitemeter. That way you can learn where your visitors are coming from, and (usually) how they got here.


I’ve been getting a few visitors from Charlottesville, Virginia, my original hometown. The collection of six blog articles was linked to by a real estate blog there. I’m posting this greeting because those visitors otherwise have no idea about the personal connection.      

So I’d like to say hello to any visitors from my old hometown. Thanks for coming by, and say hello to Jefferson Country and the Blue Ridge for me.

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Welcome and Introduction for New Readers

For readers who are here for the first time, this Table of Contents covers my work throughout the semester. Please feel free to stay awhile. I especially recommend A Taxonomy of Legal Blogs, which lists and categorizes more than 600 legal blogs.


3L Epiphany is most likely the first law student blog in the country ever to receive academic credit, which was profiled here: Blogging for Credit. For recent posts on 3L Epiphany about cases and law review articles citing legal blogs, and two interviews with judges about blogging (with very impressive responses), please scroll down.

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Welcome, New Readers

I'd like to welcome new readers to 3L Epiphany. If you are looking for the Taxonomy of Legal Blogs, please go here.

3L Epiphany is most likely the first law student blog in the country to receive academic credit. My Independent Study project was recently profiled in the Moritz e-Record here.

For readers who would like to know more about 3L Epiphany, see my About page and my posts on Launch Day. (I apologize for the verbosity, but I was new to blogging at the time.) 

The Moritz e-Record article mentions an electronic footnote, “Footnote 123.” My student case note in the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution utilizes its final footnote as an online extension for the sake of perpetual updates. I have now posted my entire case note, a Recent Development on the case of Campbell v. General Dynamics Gov’t Sys. Corp, 407 F.3d 546 (1st Cir. 2005), at Footnote 123, before its print publication. Paradoxically, the last footnote in my Recent Development directs readers to Footnote 123. The Campbell case concerns whether a hyperlink on a mass email sent by a company to its employees provided sufficient notice of a mandatory arbitration agreement. The current content of my electronic footnote will soon be changed to include only the actual updates to the Campbell case, while the less formal explanation will be moved elsewhere on my blog.

Several days ago I received my first unsolicited offer for a job interview because of my work on 3L Epiphany. I would like to thank Bob Coffield of Health Care Law Blog for the offer. If there are other potential employers reading this, my resume is here, and my writing samples are here.

Many thanks to Howard Bashman for the link from How Appealing. I previously posted notes from a speech given by Mr. Bashman here at Ohio State. I recommend them to anyone interested in appellate law and/or legal blogging.  The link is here.

New readers may also be interested in a collection of blog posts by professors on the subject of Academic Blogging (with addendums here).

I hope that readers will take the time to explore some of the amazing legal blogs in the taxonomy. Thanks to all for visiting. – 3L Epiphany.

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Hello Brazil

A reader from Brazil is here right now. Thanks for coming! You're the first one here from South America. I hope you like what you see.

Eventually I will try to translate some of my posts into Spanish, and send them to Spanish law blogs in South America. But I'm not sure I can do that in Porteuguese, Brazil's language.

For readers who have been following these location updates, that means I have received visitors from every continent except Antarctica. My blog is not yet two weeks old. So, sounding like a broken record, this shows the extraordinary capabilities of law student blogs for near-instantaneous communication on an unprecedented scale.

Update: My Brazilian visitor came here after reading this post at Legal Theory Blog. Thank you, Prof. Solum, for the link.

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Welcome to a Tanzanian Visitor

At this moment (8:30 am) someone is reading this blog from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Welcome to this site. You're my first reader from Africa. Thanks for coming.

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