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Dear readers,

I began this blog exactly one year ago today, in my last semester of law school.  I introduced 3L Epiphany and described my purposes for creating it in this post (Feb. 1, 2006). The next day I let it be known, in long-winded fashion, that my blog was an independent study project for which I would receive academic credit. One of my goals for 3L Epiphany was to lay a foundation for future law students to create legal blogs on a variety of topics and receive academic credit for them. I elaborated further on "blogging for credit" in this collection of posts.

I am pleased to announce that I am transferring 3L Epiphany to the Law Professer Blogs Network, run by Prof. Paul Caron (TaxProf Blog) and Joe Hodnicki (Law Librarian Blog). 3L Epiphany will now become "Law Blog Metrics," and Mr. Hodnicki will maintain and develop my legal blog projects that I conducted while I was in law school. These projects include the Taxonomy of Legal Blogs, and the collections of court cases and law review articles which cite legal blogs. The URL (http://3LEpiphany.typepad.com) will remain the same. Mr. Hodnicki will serve as the new editor, and may invite contributing editors in the future.

I am very grateful that 3L Epiphany will live on as part of the Law Professor Blogs Network. As the Founding Editor of Law Blog Metrics, I may post occasionally on relevant legal blog topics. However, now that I have a new job I will probably continue my blogging hiatus for a time, and perhaps indefinately. Fortunately I know that my blog is in very skilled and capable hands.

So with this announcement, 3L Epiphany comes to a close. I would like to thank all my readers from the past year who made blogging at 3L Epiphany such a rewarding experience. I would also like to thank Prof. Doug Berman (Sentencing Law & Policy) for being such a wonderful mentor and advisor, and the administration at Moritz Law School for allowing me to receive credit for my blog. And thanks again to Prof. Caron and Mr. Hodnicki for agreeing to transmogrify 3L Epiphany into Law Blog Metrics.

Please stay tuned for further details about the new blog.

Signing off, with warm regards,
Ian Best

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The (Temporary) Final Conclusion of 3L Epiphany

I had planned on blogging during the summer while I simultaneously studied for the Bar Exam. I have decided that this is no longer realistic, and that I would prefer to be completely undistracted. So this will probably be my final post for the next two months. I do plan to continue blogging once the Bar is over, and I will decide then how to resurrect 3L Epiphany (including whether it should receive a new name, now that I am no longer a 3L).


Probably because of the recent American Lawyer article, I have been receiving many visitors from Google searches for “3L Epiphany.” For those readers who are visiting for the first time, here is the Taxonomy of Legal Blogs which is referred to in the article. Here also is a Table of Contents which contains most of my work on 3L Epiphany. 


The Table of Contents was compiled in April, so it does not include the following major posts from the end of the semester (in chronological order):


I would like to thank all of my readers from the past several months for making 3L Epiphany a successful experiment. I am especially grateful to my fellow legal bloggers who encouraged me (and linked to me) throughout the semester. Most of all, I would like to thank Prof. Doug Berman, my advisor for this project, for his warm and enthusiastic support from the very beginning. It was Prof. Berman’s blog, Sentencing Law and Policy, that was the inspiration behind 3L Epiphany.


I will resume regular blogging in some form at the end of the summer. At that time I will clarify what the future of 3L Epiphany holds. Meanwhile, for the next two months I plan to avoid the online world altogether, and blog only if it is absolutely necessary. I expect that there is enough material here to keep interested readers occupied for a while. I hope to see everyone again when the Bar Exam is over.



Ian Best (3L Epiphany)

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