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Boxer on Blogs

Sarah Boxer, formerly a critic and reporter at The New York Times and author of Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web, an anthology to be published this month, has published a jolly good little article in The New York Review of Books (February 14, 2008) aptly titled Blogs. Actually, it's more jolly than good, hardly up to the standards of the Review's typical think pieces but then it isn't intended to be a one.

Ultimate Blogs: Masterworks from the Wild Web
by Sarah Boxer

List Price: $14.95
Paperback: 368 pages
Publisher: Vintage (February 12, 2008)
ISBN-10: 0307278069
ISBN-13: 978-0307278067


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New Companion Website to Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, a peer-evaluated, faculty-student journal published semi-annually by The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law has launched an online companion website, OSJCL Amici: Views From the Field. Hosting timely commentaries from crim law practitioners, OSJCL Amici: Views from the Field aspires to "help bridge divide between the academy and the practicing community by creating a venue for leading practitioners to engage with academics, students, the public, and others in the criminal law field." [JH]

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Professional Podcasting - Secrets Revealed

Michael Geoghegan, co-author of Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Podcasting (2005) and The Business Podcasting Book: Launching, Marketing, and Measuring Your Podcastis (2007), is starting a new series of articles at his blog on podcasting professionally. Check out Professional Podcasting Series - Secrets Revealed. [JH]

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USLaw Launches Blog Directory and Search Engine

USLaw.com tracks 1,000-plus law blogs. Check out the Law Blog Directory. [JH]

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Jimmy Wales Summons Librarians to Helps Improve Wikipedia

"Librarians are not engaging with the academies," said Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. "If libraries throughout the world formed regional groups and made an effort, they would be playing a positive role within Wikipedia. The job of the librarian is about highlighting the weaknesses and strengths of information." Read Mark Chillingworth's Information World Review article for more and check out Phil Bradley's thoughts. [JH]

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