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10 Tech Books Recommended by Steven Levy

Steven Levy, author of Crypto: How the Code Rebels Beat the Government Saving Privacy in the Digital Age (2001), picks his top 10 tech books in the July issue of IEEE Spectrum. [JH]

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New Accident Attorney Blogs

Maryland Accident Attorney Blog

Covers Maryland injury law including news, events, and recent changes in the State of Maryland. Published by the Maryland accident attorneys at the legal firm of Silverman, Thompson, Slutkin, & White.

Georgia Truck Accident Attorney Lawyer

Covers trucking accident law in the State of Georgia, including news, and recent updates to law. Published by Atlanta trucking accident lawyer Ken Shigley.

Traffic Accident News And Advice Blog

Traffic Accident Injury Lawyer John Bisnar discusses California traffic laws and traffic accidents.

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Do You Want a Widgenie?

Not quite “the all-powerful data visualizer" Widgenie claims to be, Mike Gunderlay notes that Widgenie's "process is terribly simple, and the resulting charts are attractive." Read his review on Web Worker Daily, Widgenie Helps Visualize Data, and watch the service for some forthcoming features. [JH]

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On Getting Real

Getting Real is a book about launching web apps without all the BS that can stall them. One caveat, while providing plenty of useful tips for creating web apps you want to create, creating web apps for clients is a totally different story. If you have to answer to clients, some of the offered advice simply won't work. [JH]

Read Getting Real Online: Free | Buy PDF: $19 | Buy Paperback: $25.00

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Technology in Legal Education

To help legal educators locate materials that inform and enrich their teaching and writing, Nova Southwestern law prof Pearl Goldman offers an annotated bibliography of articles, commentaries, conference papers, essays, books, and book chapters that examine the impact of technology on legal education in this 100-plus page article (pdf) The article was published in the Summer 2008 issue of Law Library Journal. [JH]

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First Malware Attack to Target Twitter Users Reported

The BBC is reporting what is believed to be the first attack to target Twitter. A fake Twitter profile with a malicious payload has been spotted by Kaspersky. Kaspersky Lab is also reporting that a new worm is spreading via Facebook and MySpace. Details on the Kaspersky site.  Earlier this year, Kaspersky Lab predicted that we'd see an increase in cybercriminals exploiting social networks. [JH]

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Google Locks Up Legitimate Blogger Blogs After Misidentifying Them as Splogs

Juan Carlos Perez reports in Google Mislabels Blogger Sites as Splogs, Locks Them, that Google mistakenly flagged a number of legitimate Blogger sites in an attempt to rid its Blogger service from spam blogs, or splogs last week, prompting the company to scramble to unlock them. "Google's actions to clean up the Blogger platform no doubt respond to its broad misuse by scammers and malicious hackers to link to or distribute malware."

StopBadware.org's May 2008 Badware Websites Report, identified the 10 network blocks that contain the largest number of malware sites. Scammers' exploit of Blogger made Google the fifth-largest malware-infected network in the world in May, and the largest US network. More about the Blogger platform being used by scammers and malicious hackers to link to or distribute malware at Are You Using Blogger?

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What are the social media applications you use the most?

Top applications used by survey respondents included Friendfeed, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and Google Reader. Check out the results of Michael Fruchter's recent survey on FriendFeed. See also his recent blog post: Staying Active in Social Media. [JH]

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Malwebolence: On the Post-Usenet Troll Phenomenon

See Mattathias Schwartz's recent New York Times Sunday Magazine feature, Malwebolence - The Trolls Among Us, and Virginia Heffernan's New York Times post on The Medium. [JH]

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The Blog Council Releases Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit

The Blog Council has released its Disclosure Best Practices Toolkit. The Toolkit is a draft series of checklists to help companies, their employees, and their agencies learn the appropriate and transparent ways to interact with blogs, bloggers, and the people who interact with them. Topics covered include:


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