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Blogging for Business Results

Blogs have emerged as a serious project management tool according to the Project Management Institute article. Read more about it. [JH]

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New Criminal Defense Blogs

Boston Criminal Attorney Blog

Covers Boston criminal law including news, and recent developments. Published by Boston Criminal Attorney William D. Kickham.

California Criminal Attorney Blog

The California criminal attorneys at the firm of Pilchman & Kay serve clients in cases involving criminal defense including drunk driving, drug crimes, sex crimes, white-collar crimes and record expungement.

Maryland Criminal Attorney Blog

Covers Maryland criminal law, including news, events, and recent developments. Published by the Baltimore criminal attorneys at the legal firm of Silverman, Thompson, Sultkin, & White.

New York Criminal Lawyer Blog

Published by Jeremy Saland is a New York criminal lawyer who represents clients in cases involving crimes including drunk driving, identity theft, and fraud.

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog

Covers Philadelphia criminal law and fraud defense including news, and recent developments. Published by Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer Marc Neff.

South Carolina Criminal Lawyer Blog

The South Carolina Criminal Lawyer Russell Mace represents clients in cases involving criminal law including sex crimes, murder, drug charges, DUI, and mortgage fraud.

Texas Criminal Lawyer Blog

A legal blog that covers criminal defense case law, news, and events dealing with criminal defense. Written by Texas Criminal Lawyer Michael J. Brown.

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Kindle Price Cut

Now, only $359. I think I'll wait until it is $3.59. [JH]

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Create Content Once, Broadcast to Multiple Web Destinations

Aliza Sherman has a great Web Worker Daily post on tools you can use to aggregate your social networking sites for the purpose of broadcasting a message to multiple places. Sherman calls them "social aggregation broadcasting tools" (SABTs) and categorizes the available tools into active, passive, integrated, and narrow SABTs. Very helpful. [JH]

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