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Jobs in Social Media

Jobs in Social Media is a social network and job board for those interested in working in the social media industry. Bloggers, podcasters, online community managers and social media professionals are the target audience. Check it out. [JH]

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Knight Foundation Awards Timothy Berners-Lee $350,000 for Transparency in Journalism Project

Details on Law Librarian Blog. [JH]

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New Practitioner Blogs

Fiancee Visa Blog

Covers fiancee, marriage, immigration and other visa law issues with a focus on Illinois State law. Published by K-1 fiancee visa lawyer Michael F. Roe.

Halifax Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

A legal blog that covers personal injury law, including news, and events dealing with accident and injury law in Canada. Written by lawyers at the legal firm of Arnold Pizzo Mckiggan.

Product Liability Lawyer Blog

A legal blog that covers Georgia product liability Law, including news and events dealing with defective drugs, and medical devices. Written by product liability lawyer Sam Levi.

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyer Blog

Covers criminal law news, cases and issues with a focus on Florida State law. Published by Jacksonville, Florida Criminal Lawyers at the firm of Shorstein & Lasnetski.

Washington Injury Attorney Blog

A legal blog that covers Washington injury law, including news and events dealing with personal injury and accident law. Written by the Washington State injury attorneys at the Farber Law Group.

Louisiana Accident Attorney Blog

Covers Louisiana personal injury and accident law, including cases, news and issues. From the Louisiana personal injury law firm of Neblett, Beard, & Arsenault.

NFA Gun Trust Lawyer Blog

Covers the National Firearms Act gun trust law, news and events dealing with gun trusts law. Written by Jacksonville, Florida Gun Trust Attorney David M. Goldman.

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer Blog

Covers personal injury cases, news and issues dealing with injury and accident law with a focus on the State of Pennsylvania. From the Philadelphia Workers' Compensation law firm of Mednick, Mezyk, & Kredo.

Alabama Product Injury Lawyer Blog

Blog dedicated to personal injury and accident law, including news, events and information about drug recalls. Published by the Alabama product injury lawyers at the Niedenthal law firm.

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SPARQL Tutorial

From the Understanding SPARQL page hosted by IBM:

The Semantic Web, a knowledge-centric model for the Web's future, supplements human-readable documents and XML message formats with data that can be understood and processed by machines. SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language (SPARQL) is to the semantic Web as SQL is to a relational database. It allows applications to make sophisticated queries against distributed RDF databases, and is widely supported by many competing frameworks. This tutorial demonstrates its use through the example of a team tracking and journaling system for a virtual company.

In this tutorial. This tutorial introduces SPARQL and the data formats it is based on. It also covers the RDF, RDF Schema, OWL, and Turtle knowledge representation languages. With these languages, you build ontologies or domain models. For the example used throughout this tutorial, you'll build the ontologies and queries for a journaling and booking system to produce semantically tagged twitter-like micro-blogs. You'll query those blog entries to find those in your company with the skills to make up the team for a project that you are bidding for.

When you complete this tutorial, you will know how to produce RDF and OWL ontologies in the Turtle language. You will know how to host the ontologies using Jena and Joseki and you will know how to query them using SPARQL.

Hat tip to LISNews. [JH]

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Graphic Design: The New Basics

Need to go beyond cut-and-paste graphic design for blogs and websites? Check out Graphic Design: The New Basics (PAPress, May 1, 2008) by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips. In The New Basics, the authors refocus design instruction on the study of the fundamentals of form in a critical, rigorous way informed by contemporary media, theory, and software systems.  From the blurb:

Through visual demonstrations and concise commentary, The New Basics shows students and professionals how to build interest and complexity around simple relationships between formal elements of two-dimensional design such as point, line, plane, scale, hierarchy, layers, and transparency. The New Basics explains the key concepts of visual language that inform any work of design—from a logo or letterhead to a complex web site. It takes a fresh approach to design instruction by emphasizing visually intensive, form-based thinking in a manner that is in tune with the latest developments in contemporary media, theory, art, and technology. Colorful, compact, and clearly written, The New Basics is the new indispensable resource for anyone seeking a smart, inspiring introduction to graphic design and destined to become the standard reference work in design education.

Also recently published by PAPress, preeminent graphic designer Abbott Miller's Open Book: Design and Content. [JH]

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Simple Spark Catalogs Web Apps

Simple Spark catalogs some 8,500 of the web apps. Each application is sorted by category and subcategory, and displayed with a brief screenshot and description. Users can also add reviews and ratings, and developers (or anyone else) can contribute additional information.

Hat tip to Web Worker Daily. [JH]

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