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Are You Using Blogger?

Security research firm Sophos has released its cybercrime report for the first half of 2008 [download here, free registration required]. One finding is pretty scary. According to the report, Google's Blogger is a substantial distributer of malware today because (1) Google's dated code allows free and anonymous creation of a site hosting malicious code and (2) the commenting system can be spammed with links to infected sites. Because of its relative ease of "infection", Sophos says that nearly 2 percent of all malware is hosted by Google, amounting to roughly 400 new instances a day. Hat tip to BetaNews.

You get what you pay for ... so if you are using Blogger, it might be time to consider switching to a subscription-based service. My recommendation is TypePad, which hosts this blog. Six Apart has a very reasonable tiered pricing structure. [JH]

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