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Oregon Law Students Create Online Journal to Combat Legal Inscrutability

From the press release:

The Legality is the combined forces of eleven second-year law students at the University of Oregon. The site launched February 4th, and has already simplified complex events like the Hollywood Writer’s Strike, the Scrabulous Copyright Infringement Claims, and Police Search and Seizure. The site targets potential law students, lawyers who want to read analysis in various areas of law, the intellectually curious, and the media (who may be looking for depth on a story). Unlike traditional paper journals which can take more than a year to publish articles, The Legality’s coverage of popular events is made possible by a quick turnaround. Each week a topic in the public eye is selected, and over the course of four days the team assembles a comprehensive legal analysis in a style accessible even to those unfamiliar with the law.

The Legality updates three times each week with original content. New main articles are posted each Wednesday.


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Thanks for the plug. You were one of our inspirations, so it's nice to come full-circle.



Posted by: Steve | Feb 15, 2008 12:18:40 PM

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