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Faculty and Students Collaborate on Corporate Governance Blog

Race to the Bottom is probably the first effort by law faculty and students to collaborate on a topic in the blogosphere. The topic is corporate governance and the impact SOX has on governance practices. The blog, launched on Feb. 9, 2007, is run by Denver law prof J. Robert Brown and seven of his students. The blog has a companion website, Corporate Governance, which contains primary materials on important matters relating to corporate governance. The blog also contains an excellent selection of pertinent resources.

Race to the Bottom demonstrates how technology can be used by law faculty and students who want to pursue intellectual interests unhindered by law school administrative barriers. This use of web communications for student-faculty collaboration that produces "short form" scholarly analysis and commentary exemplifies the spirit of innovation seen in some of our law schools. One can only hope that more law professors and students follow the example set by Race to the Bottom.

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New Directory of Law-Related Podcasts

Check out Blawgs.FM's directory of law-related podcasts. Also, Nolo Press is offering podcasts on a variety of different legal topics including:

For a directory of educational podcasts visit Ed-Cast.org , a site devoted to listing podcasts related to higher education.  [RJ]

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Balkin on the Legal Blogosphere

From the Yale Law Report: "Professor Balkin recently sat down for a Q & A with the Yale Law Report to give his thoughts on the legal blogosphere and how it's changing the nature of legal discussion and legal education."  [RJ]

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