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A Quick Look at Best Practices for Legal Education Blog

Joining Law School Innovation in the blogosphere's U.S. law school reform space, The Best Practices for Legal Education Blog was created with two goals in mind: "(1) to create a useful web-based source of information on  current reforms in legal education arising from the publication of Roy Stuckey’s Best Practices for Legal Education (pdf) and the Carnegie Foundation’s Educating Lawyers; and (2) to create a place where those interested in the future of legal education can freely exchange ideas, concerns, and opinions.  The blog contributors and editor will attempt to document and record the most recent innovations and academic experiments accompanying the legal education reform movement — and stimulate dialogue between and among all sectors of the legal academy. " 

Check out the Blog's Resources page. The project looks promising but it could take some cues from UK's Transforming Initiative [our post] for a more comprehensive approach to using web communications. [JH]

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New Protocol To Limit News Aggregators

Newspaper publishers want to implement a new protocol that would define permissions and restrictions for content on news websites.  The Automated Content Access Protocol would tell search engines what they can and can't use, and for how long.  Hat tip to Tech Law Prof Blog. [JH]

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ABA Journal Blawg 100, Voting Ends Jan. 2

Just a reminder. As you probably know by now, the editors of the ABA Journal have chosen the "100 best web sites by lawyers, for lawyers." Voting ends January 2, 2008.

You can vote for your favorite blog in each of the following categories here.

Congratulations to our Law Professor Blogs Network [Network's RSS feed page] editors:


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Blogs Don't Have to be Ugly

Check out Adii's My 53 Top Blog Designs of 2007 for some innovative and attractive blog design work. [JH]

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