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Wikipedia Authorship and Vandalism

From the press release:

"An ongoing study by University of Minnesota researchers has revealed that only one-tenth of 1 percent of Wikipedia editors account for nearly half the content value of the free online encyclopedia, as measured by readership. In addition, the computer science and engineering faculty and students have discovered that few edits inflict damage on the content and damage is typically fixed quickly.

The results of their study are reported in the academic research paper titled Creating, Destroying and Restoring Value in Wikipedia."   [RJ]

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Cell Phones Powered by Google's Android

Google just released a software development kit for Android, its open-source mobile software platform. So what does it look like? Take a look at c|net's Google Android slide show. [JH]

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Search Technology from the Other Side of the Pond

In the first of several articles on European search engine research, Pandia takes a look at the French search engine Quaero. Check it out. [JH]

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Yahoo Settles Suit Over Jailed Chinese Dissidents

Details about yesterday's the Yahoo!-Shi Tao settlement from CNN and the Wall Street Journal. [JH]

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New Book: Building a Nation's Image on the World Wide Web

Building a Nation's Image on the World Wide Web: A Study of the Head of State Web Sites of Developing Countries by T. Kenn Gaither

List Price: $89.95
Hardcover: 312 pages
Publisher: Cambria Press (September 2007)
ISBN-10: 1934043567
ISBN-13: 978-1934043561

Book Description: This is a rich theoretical and empirical study concerning international public relations on the web for head of state English web sites for developing countries. There is no other research in this area that comes close to the depth with which this topic is addressed in this study. In this regard, its contribution is very significant. Highly original, this study breaks new ground and may very well contribute to a new field in international public relations on the internet.

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Defamation Suit Against Anonymous Blogger Dismissed

Adjunct Law Prof Blog editor Mitchell H. Rubinstein has the story. [JH]

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CNN Opens I-Report Hub in Second Life

CNN's in-world I-Report hub includes a news desk where CNN producers will hold weekly editorial discussions, and an amphitheater for larger in-world events, such as training sessions and appearances by CNN anchors and correspondents. Details. [JH]

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Is Google a Tax Evader?

Cincinnati law prof Paul Caron has the story on TaxProf Blog. [JH]

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The 2007 Weblog Award Winners

Over 500,000 votes cast in 49 categories, here are the winners of the of The 2007 Weblog Awards. The Best Law Blog for 2007 goes to Above the Law. [JH]

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