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Top Five Sites Covering Web 2.0 Developments

From Pandia Search World:

"There are several sites and blogs that cover the social networking scene. Here are Pandia’s favorites."

  1. Read/Write Web
  2. Mashable
  3. CenterNetworks
  4. Pronet Advertising
  5. Somewhat Frank


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Information R/evolution

Created by Kansas State University cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch, producer of "The Machine is Us/ing Us," this video explores the changes in the way we find, store, create, critique, and share information. This video was created as a conversation starter, and works well when brainstorming with people about the near future and the skills needed in order to harness, evaluate, and create information effectively. Recommended for use in information literacy lectures. [JH]

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A Librarian’s Guide to Creating Web 2.0 Subject Guides

From iLibrarian:

"The New Web has brought with it some amazing tools for creating online subject guides. These tools offer the addition of multimedia and multi-format elements such as photos, videos, social bookmarks, RSS feeds, and widgets to traditional resource guides, as well as an interactive dimension which makes them particularly 2.0. Here are a few tools for creating your own 2.0 guides. Got any other ideas for subject guides? Please share them in the comments!" 


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The Machine is Us/ing Us

This very interesting and well-known video was created by Kansas State University cultural anthropologist Michael Wesch

In this clip, Prof. Wesch explains his thoughts behind "The Machine is Us/ing Us", how he came to the idea, how he did it and how surprised he was about the effects on his life, his work and the web community. [JH]

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BLUtube First Online Video Community for Law Enforcement

BLUtube is the first online video community for police officers and departments nationwide. BLUtube offers members of the law enforcement community a secure environment in which to view and upload videos. BLUtube includes law enforcement-only sections with video tips, roll call training segments and in-car videos.

Hat tip to Podcasting News. [JH]

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