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The Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0

From the report:

In this research report, [Southeastern Louisiana University David C. Wyld] examines the phenomenon of blogging in the context of the larger revolutionary forces at play in the development—or redevelopment—of a second-generation Internet. In the first part of the report, the state of blogging across the American public sector is examined, seeing how pioneering leaders (let’s call them “blogoneers”) in the public sector are making use of this new technology to foster improved communications both with their constituencies and within their organizations. Blogging is fast becoming a new tool for promoting online and offline engagement. The author provides a comprehensive assessment to date of the blogging activities found across all levels of government.

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Time for blogosphere to get real about church and state

Interesting article from CNET News:

"Charles Cooper says the fuzzy acceptance of "conversational marketing" is leading to confusion among blog readers. Isn't it time to set down clear rules of the road?" 

For counterpoint see:  Does Relevant Advertising Mean Selling Out?, ChasNote


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AALL's Second Annual Bloggers Meeting Set for July 16

It's time to mark your calendars for the AALL's Second Annual Bloggers Get Together!

Time: 5-6 p.m.
Date: Monday, July 16th
Place: Gordon Biersch. 200 Poydras. 504-552-2739. Brewpub. Platters. - at the foot of Poydras - across from Harrah's casino and also across from the Hilton.  http://www.gordonbiersch.com (Dutch Treat).

Come share your ideas and meet the other law librarian bloggers! Open to all bloggers and potential bloggers.

RSVP: Last year we had over 30 participants so we are anticipating a good crowd this year. For a headcount, please RSVP Barbara Fullerton by Friday, July 6th to [email protected].

Hat tip to Barbara Fullerton for organizing this meeting. [JH]

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Co-Blogging Law

Santa Clara law prof Eric Goldman exams co-blogging law in a work deposited in SSRN. He writes

Bloggers often work collaboratively with other bloggers, a phenomenon I call "co-blogging." The decision to co-blog may seem casual, but it can have significant and unexpected legal consequences for the co-bloggers. This Essay looks at some of these consequences under partnership law, employment law and copyright law and explains how each of these legal doctrines can lead to counterintuitive results. The Essay then discusses some recommendations to mitigate the harshness of these results.

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From There, To Here, To Where?

The evolution of the blawgosphere by Bill Gratsch.  Check it out!  [RJ]

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