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Library of Congress Blog

The Library of Congress has launched a blog. Check it out. [JH]

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Full Vs. Partial RSS Feeds

Rick Klau, Vice President of Publishing Services at FeedBurner, reports that, contrary to conventional wisdom, there appears to be no significant difference in clickthrough rates between full and partial RSS feeds. [JH]

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Bloggers Debate Code of Conduct on NPR

The blogosphere can get plenty nasty. But blogger Kathy Sierra's call for a code of conduct was greeted by a torrent of posts threatening her with violence. Now some of the Web's leading voices are pushing for more civil behavior. Listen to the NPR broadcast. [JH]

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New York Legal Update

The purpose of New York Legal Update is to cover, to the extent possible, important current developments in both civil and criminal law in New York.

From the About Page: Both substantive and procedural developments are intended to be covered. Primarily this will be accomplished by digesting recent cases in the State appellate courts. When appropriate, decisions of the Federal Courts will also be discussed. In addition, however, legislative and regulatory changes will also be covered. This service is intended to reach the legal practitioner and members of the general public seeking legal news and information about the legal process. This service is also intended to act as a forum where I and others will comment on legal developments with the intent of advocating for laws and a legal system which are less complex and better serve the interests of society.

Thomas Swartz writes for this blog. He is a 1989 graduate of Brooklyn Law School and has 14 years experience as a court attorney with the Appellate Division, Second Department. [JH]

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