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What open access research can do for Wikipedia

John Willinsky's study, What open access research can do for Wikipedia, examines the degree to which Wikipedia entries cite or reference research and scholarship, and whether that research and scholarship is generally available to readers. Working on the assumption that where Wikipedia provides links to research and scholarship that readers can readily consult, it increases the authority, reliability, and educational quality of this popular encyclopedia, this study examines Wikipedia's use of open access research and scholarship, that is, peer-reviewed journal articles that have been made freely available online. [JH]

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Drug and Device Law Blog

The Drug and Device Law Blog has been up for six months. It presents the personal views of two defense lawyers (Jim Beck of Dechert and Mark Herrmann of Jones Day) on issues relating to the defense of pharmaceutical and medical device product liability litigation. [JH]

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Georgia Appeals Court Upholds Libel Verdict Against Blogger

The blogger published libelous statements about his former attorney, claiming among other things that his former attorney had bribed a judge for the release of a drug dealer. The trial court awarded $50,000 in general damages to the attorney but no punitive damages. Milum v. Banks, 2007 WL 641538 (March 5, 2007). [JH]

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