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What's the buzz on ... corporate Wikipedia editing?

Each week, CNN.com takes a look at trends in the blogosphere by tracking one topic. Recently, the focus was on the editing of Wikipedia articles by corporations and other entities. See our earlier posts See Who's Editing Wikipedia (Diebold, CIA) Using Wikipedia Scanner, Law Firms One-Up Each Other Behind the Scenes Through Wikipedia Edits, and Federal Agencies Modify Wikipedia Entries for Dubious Purposes.

From the article:

Bloggers engaged in mostly negative conversations about Wikipedia editing by corporations and other organizations, accounting for fully two-thirds of all comments. Only 4 percent had positive opinions, and 29 percent maintained a neutral stance. Many said corporate editing is morally questionable and a form of propaganda despite Wikipedia's open-source spirit. Overall, bloggers seemed to be unclear about whether or not the editing was done by public-relations staff or others within organizations, but said employees within corporations have tainted viewpoints. Those with negative viewpoints were split between blaming the open format and the entities responsible for the editing. Some went so far as to say that news of corporate editing isn't very surprising and that the controversy has finally provided "proof" that Wikipedia is not a fully credible information source. Others congratulated Griffith for his invention. Some bloggers also highlighted that corporations aren't the only organizations who have been accused of being involved in Wikipedia edits; government, religious, nonprofit, news and political organizations were also mentioned.

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