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Court Opinion Cites to Blog Posts and Open Source Legal Scholarship

UCLA Law Prof, long-time blogger, and renowned wine connoisseur Stephen Bainbridge found the following in Chancellor William Chandler's In re Tyson Foods Shareholder Litigation opinion:

Academic commentary on the relationship between spring-loading and insider trading is decidedly mixed. See, e.g., Victor Fleischer, Options Backdating, Tax Shelters, and Corporate Culture 9 n.27 (Univ. of Colo. Legal Studies Working Paper Series, Working Paper No. 06-38, 2006), available at https://ssrn.com/abstract=939914; Stephen Bainbridge, Spring-loaded Options and Insider Trading, on ProfessorBainbridge.com, https://www.professorbainbridge.com/2006/07/springloaded_op_1.html (July 10, 2006) (presenting argument of Iman Anabtawi that spring-loaded options constitute a form of insider trading or breach of fiduciary duty); Larry E. Ribstein, Options and Insider Trading, on Ideoblog, https://busmovie.typepad.com/ideoblog/2006/07/options_and_ins.html (July 11, 2006) (refuting Anabtawi’s insider trading argument).

Bainbridge writes "I offer this ... as further support for my belief that legal academics who are interested in affected judges and practicing lawyers need to blog. I believe legal academic blogging is creating a very important feedback loop between the bench/bar and the academy."

NB: The above quote also references to open source scholarship posted on SSRN. Hat tip to Ian Best. [JH]

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