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Blogging will Resume Shortly...

I am done with the MPRE (for a time, at least). I am thus a more ethical person. My first priority now is to add all of the many legal blogs that readers have suggested to my list. After that, regular blogging will resume...

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More Legal Blogs, and Another Exception

The following legal blogs are additions to my original list. A few have been added already, but most will be inserted over the weekend. Readers may continue suggesting more blogs through comments or email.

A Future Fair for All


Baseball Crank

Blawg Review (new link)

California Personal Injury and Insurance Blog

China Law Blog 

Courthouse News

Criminal Defense

Daily Developments in EEO Law

Damnum Absque Injuria

Decision of the Day

Empirical Legal Studies 

Follow the Flag


Harmful Error 

Hounded, Cowed, & Badgered 


Institute for Global Security Law & Policy 

Kentucky Cases 

Kentucky Law

Law, Terrorism & Homeland Security 

Legal Research Blog 

Patterico’s Pontifications

Personal Injury, Social Security Disability

Privacy and Security Law Blog

Rhode Island Law Blog

Sheridan: Con-Law 

Small Business Law Blog

South Carolina Appellate Law Blog


Stop the Bleating!

Sui Generis – a New York law blog

The Daily Docket 

The Patry Copyright Blog 

The Pocket Part

The Practice

Truth on the Market

Voyeuristic self-indulgence

Washington Syndrome


The vast majority of these suggestions came from readers who were referred here by Concurring Opinions, How Appealing, Opinio Juris, TaxProf Blog, and The Volokh Conspiracy. I would like to thank Prof. Solove, Mr. Bashman, Prof. Alford, Prof. Caron, and Prof. Volokh for citing me, which helped build up this list.

I will now add another exception to my omission of law student blogs: I will accept blogs associated with a specific law journal or law review. For this reason I am including The Pocket Part (Yale) in my list. (But is The Pocket Part really a “blog”? We’ll endeavor to figure that out later.)

Three more things:

1. Congratulations to Prof. Doug Berman, whose Sentencing Law and Policy blog was recently cited by the Ohio Supreme Court (see here). If there were a competition among blogs for judicial citations, Prof. Berman’s would win hands down.

2. I would like to thank Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground for my favorite write-up so far: Law Student Spots a Pentakaidecablog in the Wild! (But please read my comment.)


3. This is my 100th post.

That’s it for now. No more blogging until the MPRE is over. Wish me luck…

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Thank You to Readers

I would like to thank the many readers who have left comments or sent me emails suggesting blogs to be added to the list. I will verify and add them as soon as I can.


Posting for the next few days will be light to non-existent. I am taking the MPRE on Saturday and need to focus all my attention on that.  I will resume posting Saturday night or Sunday. But I will keep track of all the legal blogs that readers suggest, and will add them when time allows. (This “thank you” does not mean that I'm closing off new additions. Please keep them coming.)


Again, thanks to all of those who have contributed to my list of legal blogs. I will update readers concerning my taxonomy as it progresses, often with requests for feedback (the blogger’s equivalent to “peer review”). And I will blog about numerous other matters, so please stay tuned.

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Announcement for Columbus Bloggers and Residents

Howard Bashman of How Appealing is coming to Columbus, Ohio. From his site:

Details of my appearance Monday afternoon (March 13th) at the Moritz College of Law of The Ohio State University to speak about appellate litigation and blogging: Available here. And I'm also very much looking forward to appearing with Doug Berman of "Sentencing Law and Policy" at this Federalist Society-sponsored event at noon next Tuesday (March 14th) in Columbus, Ohio.

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Taxonomy Questions and Answers

I wanted to highlight a couple of responses I made to comments under this post. The first concerns law student blogs, and the second concerns foreign legal blogs.

What about law student blogs?:Unfortunately, as I said in my main post, I am not including law student blogs. This is not because I have anything against them (I'm a law student blogger myself, obviously). It's simply a matter of practicality. Limiting my list to legal blogs by attorneys and law professors still leaves me with a tremendous amount of work to do. If I include law student blogs, it makes the project much more overwhelming. Law student blogs are simply harder to locate, and more difficult to classify.”

Exception: I will accept group blogs done by law students for a class (such as ip + internet).

What about non-U.S. legal blogs?: “I will not be incorporating foreign legal blogs. The reason is the same [as for not including law student blogs]: I have to draw some parameters in order to make this project realistic. If this were my full-time job it might be different, but as an Independent Study project in the midst of other 3L responsibilities, it's just too much for me to handle if I open up my taxonomy to non-US legal blogs. … [O]nce my final semester of law school is over (and the Bar, and my job searching), I plan to revise my list and taxonomy. I will hopefully then be able to include law student blogs and foreign legal blogs. I don't yet know whether this is realistic either, because it depends on what my future holds.”

Exception: I will accept legal blogs from Canada (such as Canadian Immigration Blawg).

Let me now answer two other questions readers have asked.

What about defunct blogs?

I received an excellent comment from fellow OSU-student blogger Ed Olszsewski (under this post). He clicked on a few of the links and noticed that several blogs were dormant. For the time being, I am including defunct (dormant, inactive) legal blogs on my list, even if they have not been updated in several months. I am not seeking them out (unlike active legal blogs), but I will include them in my list as I come across them. Some of them I will eventually exclude from my taxonomy, but others I will keep. At the moment my list is over-inclusive, but I will whittle it down over time. (I will also remove active blogs that aren’t sufficiently “legal.” Instapundit may be an example.)

Ed names the Harriet Miers’s Blog!!! as a defunct blog which might not be useful. But I will keep that one as an example of a “Humor/Parody Blog.”

Why do you use the term “legal blog” instead of “blawg”?

I answered that here. Briefly: 1) “blawg” is a contrived word that is not universally accepted by legal bloggers; and 2) “blawg” is a homonym with “blog,” so the words can’t be distinguished in a conversation.

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List of Legal Blogs: An Introduction

I have now posted my entire list of approximately 500 legal blogs. I divided this list into sections to avoid formatting problems. [Update: The list now numbers 686. See here.]

My purpose for compiling this list is to create a taxonomy of legal blogs.

The complete list can be accessed by scrolling down, or by clicking on the individual links here:


As I indicated here, this is both an incomplete and over-inclusive list. Some of the blogs are inactive (i.e. no recent postings). And some of them are not accurately described as “legal blogs.” On the other hand, I expect that there are many active legal blogs missing from the list, especially state and local blogs that I have not yet come across.

I invite readers to make additions to the list. Please feel free to suggest legal blogs that are missing and should be included. However, please do not submit law student blogs or non-U.S. legal blogs. I explain why briefly here, and in comments to this post. Two exceptions: I will accept group blogs by law students which are for a class. And I will accept legal blogs from Canada.

Update: A list of blogs which were included after the original list was made is here.

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List of Legal Blogs: A

A Criminal Waste of Space

A Fool in the Forest

A Frolic of Her Own

A Future Fair for All

a preponderance of evidence 

A Public Defender

A Stitch In Haste

A Taxing Blog

A Taxing Matter

a tort et a travers

AALLamo Blog 

ABA Resources for Litigators



Abstract Appeal

ACSBlog: The Blog of the American Constitution Society


Adam Smith, Esq.

Admiralty, Boating, and Maritime Law Podcasts


A Georgia Lawyer

Aging and Law in West Virginia


Airport Lawyer

Al Nye The Lawyer Guy



Albany Injury Lawyer Blog

Albany Lawyer Blog

Alextronic Discovery


Anonymous Lawyer

Antitrust Law Blog

Antitrust Prof Blog

Antitrust Review

Anupam Chander

Anything Under The Sun Made By Man

Appellate Law & Practice

Arbitration Blog

Arbitration Law Memo

Arbitrary and Capricious

Arizona Family Law Blog

Asbestos Today

Atlanta Injury Law Blog

Automatic Say


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List of Legal Blogs: B

Bag and Baggage


Bank Lawyer's Blog

Bankruptcy America



Baseball Crank

Becker-Posner Blog

Before the Law

Begging the Question


Ben Cowgill on Legal Ethics

Benefits Blog


Between Lawyers

Beyond Structured Settlements


Bizz Bang Buzz


Blakely Blog

Blawg Channel

Blawg De Novo

Blawg Republic

Blawg Review 

Blawgers Discussion List

blind insight 

Blog 702

blog do dip

Bloggo D’Amato

Blogs @ Widener Law Library (Delaware)

Blogs @ Widener Law Library (Harrisburg)

Blonde Justice

Board Buzz

Boating Safety Law and News

BoleyBlogs! of Lewis & Clark Law School

Brain Injury Lawyer

Brandy Karl bk!

Briefs and Things

Brown Water Blawg

BTA: Border Blog

Build on This

Burning Ears Blawg

Business Law Prof Blog

By No Other

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List of Legal Blogs: C

Cairns Blog


California Appellate Blog

California Divorce and Family Law

California Divorce Blawg

California Estate Planning Practice Blog

California Personal Injury and Insurance Blog


Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Capital Defense Weekly

Carolina Blawg 

Chicago Family Law Blog

Chicago Law Faculty Blog

China Law Blog

Chinese Law Prof Blog

Ciceronian Review

Cincinnati Law Library Blog 


Cleveland Law Library Weblog

Commercial Leasing Lawblog

Commercial Real Estate Loans and Structured Finance

Common Scold


Concurring Opinions

Confrontation Blog


Connie Crosby

Connie Crosby Links 

CONSEJO – Intellectual Property & Legal Commentary

Construction Law Blog

Construction Owners and Builders Law Blog


Contemporary Intellectual Property, Licensing, and Information Law

Contracts Blog

ContractsProf Blog

Cooped Up

Copyfight: The Politics of IP

Corp Law Blog

Corporate Compliance Prof Blog

Corporate Governance Leadership Blog

Counterfeit Chic 

Crime & Federalism

Criminal Appeal

Criminal Defense


CrimProf Blog

Curmudgeonly Clerk

Cyberlaw Central


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List of Legal Blogs: D - E

Dagger JAG

Daily Developments in EEO Law 

Damnum Absque Injuria

Dane Co Legal Resource Center Blawg

Dark Goddess of Replevin Speaks

Day on Torts

DC Circuit Blog

Deaf Blawg

Deal Attorney


Death and Taxes

Decision of the Day

Declarations and Exclusions

Defense Newsletter Blog

Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog 



Disability Law Blog

Disabled Worker Law


Domestic Diversions


Drug Injury Watch




EFF: Deep Links

Eighth Circuit Blog

Elder Law Prof Blog

Election Law

Election Updates

Electronic Discovery and Evidence

Electronic Discovery Law

eLegal Canton

Embassy Law Blog

Empirical Legal Studies

Employed at Will

Employee Handbooks

Employer's Lawyer

Employment Law Blog

Employment Law Bulletin

En Passant 

Energy Legal Blog

Environmental Law Diary

Environmental Law Prof Blog

Environmental Legal Blogs


EPIC West: Electronic Privacy Information Center West Coast Office

Equal Vote Blog

Ernie The Attorney

Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground

Everything Tax Law

excited utterances


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List of Legal Blogs: F - H

Family Law Prof Blog

Fashion Law Blog

Federal Civil Practice Bulletin

Federal Crimes Blog

Federal Defender D-Web Law Blogs



Feminist Law Professors

Fifth Circuit Blog

First Circuit Federal Defender Blog

f/k/a . . .

Florida Asset Protection Blog

Florida Divorce * Child Custody * Domestic Violence Law

Florida Intellectual Property Blog

Florida Legal Research BlogFlorida Mediator

Florida Probate Litigation Lawyer

Florida Vioxx News and Information

Follow the Flag

Fourth Amendment.com

Fourth Circuit Blog

Franchise Law Blog

Frederic R. Abramson's Law, Culture & Current Events

Freedom to Tinker

Freedom Now

From Engineer to Lawyer

from milan to mumbai

FSU College of Law Library Blog


Furd Log


Gahtan’s Technology and Internet Law Blog

Garlo Ward, PC

Geoff's LawGems

George's Employment Blawg

Georgia Family Law Blog

Gideon’s Guardians

Gideon’s Promise


Gilbert Submits


Goldman’s Observations

Greatest American Lawyer



Grotian Moment: The Saddam Hussein Trial Blog


Harmful Error 

Harriet Miers’s Blog!!! 

Have Opinion Will Travel

Heafey Headnotes

Health Care Blog Law

HealthLawProf Blog

Higher Ed Law 

Home Office Lawyer

Hoosier Lawyer

Hounded, Cowed, and Badgered 

House of Butter

Houston's Clear Thinkers 

How Appealing 

HR Lawyer’s Blog

Hugh Hewitt.com

Hurricane Law Blog

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List of Legal Blogs: I - K

I respectfully dissent






Illinois Trial Practice Weblog

ImmigrationProf Blog

In Dicta

In Re:

In Search of Perfect Client Service

Indignant Indigent



In-house Trials & Tribs

Incorporation Blog


Infamy or Praise

Injustice Anywhere…

inside SarbanesOxley


Institute for Global Security Law & Policy

Insurance Defense Blog

Insurance Scrawl

inter alia

International Corporate Governance

International Economic Law and Policy Blog

International Extradition Blog


Invent Blog

Investigate THIS!

ip + internet

IP and IT Conferences

IP Blawg

IP Counsel Blog

IP Funny

IP News Blog

I/P Updates

Is That Legal?

IT Manager.net


JAG Central

Jack Bog’s Blog

JD Bliss




Jenkins Webblits

Jeremy Blachman's Weblog

Jeremy's Weblog

Jim Calloway's Law Practice Tips

Jonathan B. Wilson

Jottings By An Employer's Lawyer

Judging Crimes

Jus cogens

Just a Patent Examiner


Kansas Death Penalty Focus

Kansas Family Law Blog 


Kenneth Anderson's Law of War

Kenneth Anderson’s Not Very Academic Blog 

Kentucky Cases 

Kentucky Law


Kierkegaard Lives


Kirbys Reports 


Knight on Family Law 

Knowledge Aforethought 

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List of Legal Blogs: L

La-Legal Annotated

Land Use Prof Blog

Law and Econ Prof Blog

Law & Entrepreneurship News

Law & Humanities Blog

Law and Letters

Law & Society

Law, Current Events and Culture

Law Dawg Blawg

Law Dork

Law Firm IT 

Law in the News 

Law Librarian Blog

Law Library Blog 

Law of Criminal Defense.com

Law Practice Tips

Law Professor Blogs

Law Religion Culture Review

Law School Academic Support Blog

Law, Terrorism, and Homeland Security

Law Under a Microscope

LawBiz Blog

LawBiz Management


Law.com Newswire



LawLawLaw: Erik J. Heels



LawMemo Employment Law Blog



Lawyer Stories

lawyers don't get it

LC CyberBlog

Leah’s Law Library Weblog

Lee Blog


Legal Commentary 

Legal Ethics Forum

Legal Fiction

Legal Memo-Random

Legal News Watch

Legal Periodicals

Legal Reader

Legal References

Legal Research Blog

legal sanity

Legal Theory Blog

Legal Tips & Commentary

Legal Writing Prof Blog


LegalTrek’s Government and Legal Info Blog 

Leiter Reports

Leiter’s Law School Reports

Leonard Link

Lessig Blog

LexBlog Blog

Liberty Law Prof

Library Boy 

LibraryLaw Blog

Life for a Lady Lawyer

Likelihood of Confusion


LNG Law Blog

LOCE Wind and Wave Energy Weblog

Long Island (Criminal) Trial Law

Louisiana Law Blog

Lowenstein Sandler - The Environment

Lowering the Bar 

lrc-orbit: legal research center news 


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List of Legal Blogs: M - O

MacLean Family Law Blog

Macondo Law

Madden and Soto

Madisonian Theory

Maine Divorce Law Blog

Mark Johns Blawg

Maryland Law

Maslon Librarian


Matt Homann's [non]billable hour


Maxed Out Generation – A Consumer Debt Blog

May it Please the Court

May It Please The Court Tech Channel


Media Law

Media Law Prof Blog

Mediation News Online


Michigan Comp Law

Michigan Real Estate Investment Blog

Michigan Worker’s Compensation Law


Minor Wisdom

Mirror of Justice

Mister District Attorney

MJP News

Mommy Blawg


More Soft Money Hard Law

Moritz Legal Information Blog



National Arbitration Forum Blog



Neuroethics Blog

New Jersey Divorce

New Jersey Eminent Domain Law Blog

New Jersey Law Blog

New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program

New York Civil Law

New York Probate & Estate Litigation Blog

New York Supreme Court Criminal Term Library


Ninth Circuit Blog

NLRB Law Memo

Nomination Nation

Not Guilty

Not Partner Material

Notes from the (Legal) Underground


Now, Why Didn't I Think of That?

NY Medical Malpractice


Of Arms and the Law

Ohio Appeals To Me

Ohio Law

Ohio Legal Research Blog

On Firm Ground

On Point

Online Guide to Mediation

Opinio Juris


Out-of-the-Box Lawyering

Out of the Jungle

Outside the Law


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List of Legal Blogs: P - R

Paper Chase

Parenthetical Statement

Patent Arcade

Patent Baristas

Patent Chronicles

Patent Pending

Patent Pod

Patently-O: Patent Law Blog

Patterico’s Pontifications



Personal Injury, Social Security Disability

Perspectives from a Mediator/Arbitrator




Pierce Law IP News Blog 

Plain Legal Writing

Point of Law


Prettier Than Napoleon

Privacy and Security Law Blog

Privacy Blog

Privacy Spot

Privity: Just Between You and Me

Proctor in Admiralty

Products Liability Law Prof Blog


Professional Marketing Blog

Promote the Progress

PropertyProf Blog

Puerto Rico Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Public Defender Dude 


quantum meruit

Qui Tam Help



Rain Man


Razorback Lawyer

Rebecca Tushnet’s Blog

Reference Cafe

Reid My Blog!

Religion Clause

Renewable Energy Law Blog

Report from Counsel



Rhode Island Law Blog

Rob Hyndman

Robert Ambrogi's LawSites

Rory Perry's Weblog

Ross’s Arbitration Blog

Ross’s Employment Law Blog

Rule of Law

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List of Legal Blogs: S

Sacramento Estate and Business Planning Law Blog


Say What?!


Scrivener's Error

Seattle Landlord-Tenant Attorney

Second Circuit Blog

Second Circuit Sentencing Blog 

Second Opinions

Securities Litigation Watch

Security Dilemmas 

Sentencing Law and Policy

Seventh Circuit Blog

Shape Blog

Sheridan: Con-Law

Sign Law Blog

Silicon Valley Media Law Blog

Silver Rights

Sine Qua Non


Sixth Circuit Blog



small business issuer

Small Business Law Blog



Social Security Disability Blog

South Carolina Appellate Law Blog

South Carolina Family Law Blog

South Carolina Trial Law Blog

South Texas Law Professor

Southern Appeal

Southern District of Florida

Special Education Law Blog

Specialty Insurance Blog

Sports Law Blog


St. Maximos' Hut

St. Thomas Law Library Faculty Services Blog Stanford Center for Internet and Society


Stark County Law Library Blawg

Start Making Sense

State & Local Government Law Prof Blog

Statutory Construction Zone 

Stay of Execution

Stop the Bleating!

Strategic HR Lawyer

Strategic Legal Technology

Stuart Buck's The Buck Stops Here

Sui Generis – a New York law blog

Supreme Court Extra

Surfwax: News, Reviews, and Articles on Oral Contract

Susan Crawford blog

SW Virginia Law Blog

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List of Legal Blogs: T

Tales of a Public Defender Investigator 


Tax & Business Law Commentary

TaxProf Blog

Tech Law Advisor

Tech Law Prof Blog

Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Tenth Circuit Blog

Terra Nova

Texas Law Blog

That Lawyer Dude

The 10B-5 Daily

the 13th juror

The Advertising Law Blog

The Antitrust Monitor

The Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog

The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog

The Best Defense

The Common Scold

The Commons Blog

The Connecticut Law Blog

The Corporate Counsel

The Curmudgeonly Clerk

The Daily Docket

The Daily Pequod

The Disabled Worker Law Blog

The E-LawLibrary Weblog

The FAPE Page

The Fine Print: Musings of a Contracts Lawyer

The Garbrecht Gazette

The Greatest American Lawyer

The Illinois Personal Injury Weblog

The Illinois Trial Practice Weblog

The Importance of…

The Internet Law Blog

The Invent Blog

The Laboratorium The Limit of its Logic: Ninth Circuit Blog

The Manifest Border

The Mommy Blawg

the [non]billable hour

The Orsini & Rose Divorce and Family Law Blog

The Paper Chase

The Patry Copyright Blog

The Practice

The Privacy and Security Law Blog

The Prosecutor’s Spot 

The PSLRA Nugget

The Remedy

The Right Coast

The Shout

The Southern California Law Blog 

The State of the Beehive

The Suburban Ecstasies 

The Technology Liberation Front

The Trademark Blog

The TTABlog

The UCL Practitioner 

The University of Baltimore Law Library Weblog

The Virtual Chase

The Volokh Conspiracy

The Yin Blog

TheCorporateCounsel.net Blog

Third Circuit Blog

Thoughts from a Management Lawyer

Tillers on Evidence


Trademark Blog

Transcending Gender 

Transnational Criminal Defense Blog

Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog

Trial Ad Notes

Trial Advocacy Blog

True Believer

Truth on the Market

TVC Alert

Two-Timing the Cosmos

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List of Legal Blogs: U - Z

Uncivil Litigator

Unclaimed Territory

Underneath Their Robes

Unincorporated Business Law Prof Blog 

Unintended Consequences


university of san diego legal research news 

unSecure Privacy

Unused and Probably Unusable

Up Against the Law!

U.S. Supreme Court Blog

Virginia Appellate News & Analysis

Virginia Law Blog

Visalaw Blog


Voyeuristic self-indulgence

V.U.Lawcity – The Valpo Law Blog

Wage Law

Wahab & Medenica LLC Biz-Media-Law Blog

Wall Street Journal Law Blog

Wash Park Prophet

Washington Syndrome

Weblogs At Harvard Law

West Virginia Supreme Court

What About Clients?

What’s New @ Widener Law Library


White Collar Crime Prof Blog

Wills, Trusts and Estates Prof Blog

Wired GC


Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyers Blog

Workers Comp Law Blog

Workplace Prof Blog

WV Law Dog Blog

Wyliemac’s Blog

You and Yours Blawg 


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Frontload the Bar Application and MPRE

I’ve dispensed advice to 1L’s previously here (although not my own, but that of three professors). I’d like to offer one more very important piece of advice to 1L’s, 2L’s, and future law students:

Frontload the non-academic responsibilities as much as you can. That is, when you have some obligation coming your way that you can put off until next year, resist the urge to wait and do it as early as possible. Get things out of the way quickly, despite not having the time. I’m talking in particular about applying for the Bar exam, and taking the MPRE. It’s better to get these things out of the way early.

Right now I am studying for the MPRE (which I will take Saturday), and I sincerely regret not taking it last summer or last semester. I also wish that I had begun registering for the Bar last year, because I began this semester completely preoccupied with filling out the initial application, which takes a long time and can be a lot of work (i.e. finding out the addresses of all your previous residences going back many years).

Of course the problem with law school is that you are always overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure, so it seems very reasonable to put things off until you can handle them. But if you expect there to be “more time” next year, it’s probably not going to happen. So grit your teeth and get things out of the way as they come. You’ll be thankful in the long run. Advice from someone who regrets, and who envies the people that planned ahead.

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Taxonomy: Statement of Intentions

I am currently compiling a list of legal blogs for my taxonomy. Soon I will make it available here as a preliminary "pool" for my research. I am going to provide readers the opportunity to name legal blogs that are missing from my list. Although I don't expect to be able to research every single existing legal blog, I at least want to begin with an exhaustive, over-inclusive collection.

I have already collected exactly 475 legal blogs. I will lengthen this list as time allows. My current list includes blogs which are no longer active (i.e. the blogger hasn't posted for several months or more), and also blogs that are not necessarily "legal" (i.e. blogs that are not focused on law, but are written by lawyers). There are many decisions I will be making over the next few weeks about which blogs to include and how best to categorize them. I will be pruning away blogs that are not appropriate for inclusion in a legal blog taxonomy. I will describe my reasons and decisions online, and will invite comments and suggestions from readers.

Here are is a preliminary statement of my intentions for this taxonomy of legal blogs:

1. I will be focusing on blogs by legal practitioners and law professors. I will not be including law student blogs, simply because there are too many and they are much more difficult to locate and categorize.

2. I will be focusing on American legal blogs. It would be too impractical for me to incorporate foreign legal blogs.

3. I will include the following categories in my taxonomy. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, nor will I definitely include each category.

4. This list above represents initial ideas. I am open to suggestions for new categories, or for ways that the list can be improved. Readers can leave a comment below, or email me here.

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