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Academic Blogging News

A couple of news items on the academic blogging front:


1. The Northwestern University Law Review has begun a new law journal blog. I learned of this via Sentencing Law and Policy. The list of blogs and online extensions by law journals now include: 


2. Prof. Daniel Solove has completed a new Law Professor Blogger Census. This is Census version 5.1, and has over 300 law professor bloggers. The list is divided up by schools. The Census introduction and law schools A-M are here, and law schools N-Z are here.


The introduction contains a lot of useful information, charting the growth of professor blogs since the first census was taken, and noting which schools have the most blogs. One aspect of the Census worth mentioning is how many law professor bloggers are in the Midwest. I'm not able to verify this now, but my guess is that if the U.S. is divided up into traditional regions (New England, Mid-Atlantic, South, Midwest, Southwest, and West), there are more law prof bloggers in the Midwest than anywhere else. This is a slightly unfair method of categorization, since not all regions have as many law schools, and the Midwest includes the Chicago Law Faculty Blog with its 16 bloggers.


Many of the more respected and scholarly law prof blogs are located in the Midwest, including:

If anyone has the time and inclination to break up the blogs (or bloggers) in the Census into regions, please make your results known in the comments and I will post about it later. There are different ways of breaking up the states into regions, but this one appears representative of the typical designations.

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