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Question for Visitors from University of Missouri

One great benefit of blogging is that the locations visitors come from can be instantly identified. This is an unprecedented development in the history of publishing. Anyone who has published an article in a traditional journal simply has no way of knowing whether someone was reading it earlier today. If someone did read it, there's no way of telling where the reader was located. A blog, on the other hand, allows the author to keep track of visitor locations, as well as referring URL's, domain names, and other interesting information. And the blogger's ability to update his blog allows him to quickly interact with specified readers. Hence this blog post.

According to my Sitemeter, I received several visitors today from the University of Missouri - Columbia. I assume they were from the law school, but they could have been from the main university. The domain name in each case was “missouri.edu,” and the IP addresses were very close to each other, as if they were located in a library computer lab.

I am hoping that someone from the Univ. of Missouri could let me know if anything specific caused them to visit. The referring URL’s were usually searches for “3L Epiphany” on Google or Yahoo. I am especially interested if this was a class visitation. Could any one of these readers let me know, what caused you to search for 3L Epiphany?

Whatever your reason, I won't reveal it on this blog without permission. Mostly, I'm just curious. My email address is on the top left corner, or you can leave a comment to this post. Much thanks to anyone who replies.

As an aside, I have a habit of collecting foreign locations of visitors to 3L Epiphany. Examples are here.

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They're all from the law school more than likely. There was a presentation about blogging - the pros and cons of putting your life online (aka Facebook).

During the presentation, this website was used as an example of the benefits of blogging.

I'd like to mention a blog maintained by one of the Professors here - Prof. Lambert, http://truthonthemarket.com .

Posted by: Eric | Sep 8, 2006 2:00:38 PM

Thanks, Eric!
And thanks also to the Missouri student who emailed me and answered my question.

Posted by: 3L Epiphany | Oct 26, 2006 3:48:14 PM

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