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3L Epiphany Gets Cited in Four Academic Papers

I will be attending the Bloggership Symposium at Harvard this Friday. The papers of the participants have already been posted here. It was extremely gratifying to learn that four of the papers cited 3L Epiphany. Those papers are:

Much thanks, professors!


It is worth pointing out that I have been blogging at 3L Epiphany for only three months, yet I've now been cited in four academic papers by well-known law professor bloggers. On the other hand, the case note that I wrote for law journal took more than a year to write, edit, and publish. It is still not in print and so it has not been cited once by anyone. If my case note has been read at all, it is because I've already posted it on my blog at Footnote 123 (with an explanation here).


Blogging is not an elixir, but its advantages over traditional forms of publishing are obvious and extraordinary.

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Does this make you the most cited law student in legal history? or just the most cited one this decade?

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