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Question on Alphabetizing Blogs

I have a question for readers concerning my taxonomy. When I compiled my list of legal blogs, I counted the definite article “the” for the purposes of alphabetizing. For example, here are the first few blogs starting with “the,” which I included in my list under “T.”

The 10B-5 Daily

the 13th juror

The Advertising Law Blog

The Antitrust Monitor

The Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Blog

The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog

The Best Defense

The Common Scold

The Commons Blog

The Confrontation Blog

The Connecticut Law Blog

The Corporate Counsel

The Curmudgeonly Clerk


I noticed that this was the way most bloggers listed them on their blog rolls. Because I want my final taxonomy to be user-friendly and simple to navigate, I would like to hear from readers whether they prefer using “the” or not when alphabetizing blogs. For example, should The Confrontation Blog go under “C,” or under “T”? While I will not be creating a new list of legal blogs, I will be alphabetizing the existing ones within given categories. So if there is a particular method that is preferred by readers, I will use that one.

As I’ve said before, one of the benefits of carrying out a research project on a blog is that you can have instantaneous reader feedback. I encourage readers to tell me their preferences for the sake of facilitating my future taxonomy’s usefulness. I will continue asking readers for their opinions as I carry out my research project. Some of the questions may seem nitpicky, like this one, while others will be more substantial. Thank you in advance for any who comment below. If no one comments, I'll just keep it the way it is.

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If they insist on using "The" in their name, then alphabetize them under "T".

But a good guide for you is either your own phonebook as a reference or the Chicago Manual of Style, which may be available online.

Posted by: Cheryl Stephens | Mar 21, 2006 4:26:50 PM

Come on. That's a ridiculous question. Don't use "The." Attending The Ohio State University must have warped your sensibilities!

Posted by: some guy | Mar 21, 2006 4:57:27 PM

I gotta say I agree w/"some guy" here. You see blogrolls alphabetize with "the" only b/c the software is doing the alphabetization and it's not smart enough to ignore articles. If you're going to arrange the blogs in your taxonomy by hand, alphabetize like a human (ignore articles), not like a machine.

Posted by: ambimb | Mar 21, 2006 7:01:35 PM

Thank you, Cheryl, some guy, and ambimb.
I hadn't realized that blogging software counts "the" automatically when listing blogs. That explains why it's so prevalent among blog rolls to use the definite article when alphabetizing.
I have received a few emails in addition to these comments, all of which agree that "the" should not be used for alphabetizing (nor "a" and "an"). I'll lead with "the" only when the blogger wants it that way, per Cheryl.
- 3L Epiphany of The Ohio State University (the only one in town)

Posted by: 3L Epiphany | Mar 22, 2006 2:39:14 PM

Believe it or not, listing and sorting is the stuff you learn in library school.

You never alphabetize by the article .. "a," "an,", "the," are ignored.

Posted by: Joe Hodnicki | Mar 23, 2006 12:52:31 PM

Thanks, Joe! - 3L Epiphany

Posted by: 3L Epiphany | Mar 24, 2006 12:54:24 PM

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