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Numerical Classifications for Legal Blogs

Blogs are typically divided up into only two numerical categories: "solo blog" and "group blog." But there is a tremendous difference between a blog with four contributors and a blog with sixteen. A taxonomy of legal blogs must take into account the number of bloggers who contribute.

Any taxonomy must incorporate acceptable classifications. Legal blogs can be named and categorized with the Greek or Latin prefixes used in scientific descriptions. I am suggesting numerical category names below (with an example of each). As the number of bloggers increases, the classification names become more complicated. Most of these names will never be used colloquially, but they draw attention to the myriad diversity of legal blogs. The simple term "group blog" is inadequate to describe this numerical range.

The first three categories use a Latin prefix: uniblog, duoblog, and trioblog. The subsequent categories use a Greek prefix: quadrablog, pentablog, hexablog, heptablog, etc.

Even though this seems like a simple and straightforward method of classification, there are still complications. For example, I did not use The Volokh Conspiracy as an example although it is the epitome of a group blog. The current list of contributors at Volokh includes guest-blogger Greg Sisk, puzzleblogger Kevin Choset, and “Juan Non-Volokh” who is taking a leave of absence from the blog. Thus the question arises whether non-legal bloggers, guest bloggers, and “on-leave” bloggers should be counted for classification purposes in a taxonomy.


Here are the categories, with the number of bloggers in parentheses:

Uniblog or Solo Blog (1): Alaskablawg

Duoblog (2): Health Law Prof Blog

Trioblog (3): Products Liability Prof Blog

Quadrablog (4): Concurring Opinions

Pentablog (5): Between Lawyers

Hexablog (6): Opinio Juris

Heptablog (7): SCOTUSblog

Octablog (8): PrawfsBlawg

Enneablog (9): [still to find example]

Decablog (10): Balkinization

Hendecablog (11): Crescat Sententia

Dodecablog (12): [still to find example]

Triskaidecablog (13): Sixth Circuit Blog

Tetrakaidecablog (14): [still to find example]

Pentakaidecablog (15): University of Chicago Law Faculty Blog

Hexakaidecablog (16): Crooked Timber


I invite readers to inform me of blogs which fit the categories of enneablog, dodecablog, and tetrakaidecablog. I am also seeking examples of blogs larger than a hexakaidecablog. If you know of one, please leave a comment to this post.

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