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More Legal Blogs, and Another Exception

The following legal blogs are additions to my original list. A few have been added already, but most will be inserted over the weekend. Readers may continue suggesting more blogs through comments or email.

A Future Fair for All


Baseball Crank

Blawg Review (new link)

California Personal Injury and Insurance Blog

China Law Blog 

Courthouse News

Criminal Defense

Daily Developments in EEO Law

Damnum Absque Injuria

Decision of the Day

Empirical Legal Studies 

Follow the Flag


Harmful Error 

Hounded, Cowed, & Badgered 


Institute for Global Security Law & Policy 

Kentucky Cases 

Kentucky Law

Law, Terrorism & Homeland Security 

Legal Research Blog 

Patterico’s Pontifications

Personal Injury, Social Security Disability

Privacy and Security Law Blog

Rhode Island Law Blog

Sheridan: Con-Law 

Small Business Law Blog

South Carolina Appellate Law Blog


Stop the Bleating!

Sui Generis – a New York law blog

The Daily Docket 

The Patry Copyright Blog 

The Pocket Part

The Practice

Truth on the Market

Voyeuristic self-indulgence

Washington Syndrome


The vast majority of these suggestions came from readers who were referred here by Concurring Opinions, How Appealing, Opinio Juris, TaxProf Blog, and The Volokh Conspiracy. I would like to thank Prof. Solove, Mr. Bashman, Prof. Alford, Prof. Caron, and Prof. Volokh for citing me, which helped build up this list.

I will now add another exception to my omission of law student blogs: I will accept blogs associated with a specific law journal or law review. For this reason I am including The Pocket Part (Yale) in my list. (But is The Pocket Part really a “blog”? We’ll endeavor to figure that out later.)

Three more things:

1. Congratulations to Prof. Doug Berman, whose Sentencing Law and Policy blog was recently cited by the Ohio Supreme Court (see here). If there were a competition among blogs for judicial citations, Prof. Berman’s would win hands down.

2. I would like to thank Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground for my favorite write-up so far: Law Student Spots a Pentakaidecablog in the Wild! (But please read my comment.)


3. This is my 100th post.

That’s it for now. No more blogging until the MPRE is over. Wish me luck…

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Well, I have two defunct blogs for lawyers:
Effortlessly Perfect
and Privity: http://www.cherylstephens.com/privity/index.html

Posted by: Cheryl Stephens | Mar 10, 2006 12:52:00 PM

Missed one (my name should link to it)

If you haven't already gotten all the past and future hosts of Blawg Review, www.blawgreview.com, then you're missing some.

Posted by: Eh Nonymous | Mar 10, 2006 1:39:58 PM

You're studying for the MPRE?

Posted by: Jon | Mar 11, 2006 9:20:47 AM

Thanks, Cheryl and 'Eh.'
Jon, I was studying for the MPRE, but I'm done now.

Posted by: 3L Epiphany | Mar 11, 2006 5:00:11 PM

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