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Discussion Groups not Included

A reader noticed that BOP Watch was not on my list. BOP stands for "Bureau of Prisons." However, I don't consider BOPWatch a blog. It's a Yahoo disussion group with more than a thousand subscribers, and requires registration. For the same reason I will not be including the Blawger Discussion Group in my taxonomy (although it is on my list). This has nothing to do with the quality or significance of the content. But a discussion group with hundreds of participants is very different from a blog with one or several specified participants.

Readers can feel free to comment on whether they agree with this decision. But this is one I'm unlikely to change, because including discussion groups would greatly enlarge the scope of this project, and would make my taxonomy more complicated than necessary. I would suggest, however, that someone could collect and organize legal discussion groups in one location, similar to what I have done (and plan to do) with legal blogs. If this has already been done, let me know and I will link to the source.

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