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Final Number of Legal Blogs: 610!

The number of legal blogs on my list is now 610. Readers looking for the list can go here.

This exemplifies the power of the blogosphere. I received almost 900 visitors in one day because of links from Concurring Opinions, How Appealing, Opinio Juris, TaxProf Blog, and The Volokh Conspiracy. Many readers commented or emailed me legal blogs that were missing, and so my list grew by more than 100.

This in turn led to more links from legal blogs, including:

1. Kierkegaard Lives 

2. Online Guide to Mediation 

3. The Airport Lawyer

4. The Practice - Note their grade recommendation

5. The UCL Practitioner 

I am grateful for receiving my first link from a foreign legal blog: Actualidad y Derecho. It appears to be a law student group blog. As readers know I am not currently including foreign blogs in my list and taxonomy, other than those from Canada. And I am not including law student blogs unless they are for a class or affiliated with a journal. The reason is simple practicality: 610 gives me enough work for now. But I would like to thank Actualided y Derecho for the write-up and the link. It’s a very attractive site, and the content looks quite substantial. I hope one day (post-law school) to expand my list to include high quality law student blogs, and legal blogs from across the English and Spanish-speaking worlds.

I expect that 610 may be very different from my final number at the end of the semester. There are some blogs on my list that I will remove, if I decide they are not sufficiently “legal.” And there are some blogs I will discover as I read through the ones on my list and look at their blogrolls. So it is difficult to predict how many legal blogs there really are, which will depend partially on my own criteria.

Thanks again to all of those bloggers who have linked to 3L Epiphany, including ones that I may have missed.

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I've started to gather a Directory of Law Student Bloggers, in part inspired by your project and in part inspired by the fact that there was not a single up-to-date list of law students that I could find.

As you know, the only way to ensure an accurate and thorough list is to garner the help of the blogging community. Since you probably get a lot of law students looking at your list (probably a lot of whom are disappointed you don't muck with law student blogs), I would appreciate it if you could point people toward my new Directory. I'm at 172 right now, but I'm sure there are hundreds more that are hiding from me.


The Law Student Blogger Directory

Posted by: Kurt | Mar 12, 2006 12:32:16 PM

Dear 3L:

I maintain a small blog at http://hirschlaw.blogspot.com/ pompously entitled Law & Society. I mostly link to legal stories affecting Washington state, although I do stray on occasion. Every now and then I offer comments, but mostly I just link.


Posted by: Paul Hirsch | Mar 12, 2006 4:31:17 PM

Dear 3L Epiphany,

I don't want to mess up your final count, but I am a JD, about to enter an academic-track LLM program. I also run a blog called "Law and Letters." For taxonomy purposes, what do I count as? I blog about law, politics, and academia.

Belle Lettre

Posted by: Belle Lettre | Mar 12, 2006 11:02:46 PM

Great idea and useful resource!

One more for your list:

LegalTrek's Government and Legal Info Blog

Posted by: Adam Piacente | Mar 13, 2006 11:17:02 AM

Great job on the list! Here is another one for you from Chapman University School of Law in Orange County, CA: www.lawschoolblog.org. It is sponsored by our Nexus Law Journal. Please look for our upcoming journal on the "Blogosphere and the Law" this summer at www.nexusjournal.org.

Best of luck to you!

Posted by: Jessica | Mar 13, 2006 3:39:16 PM

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