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1,972 Visitors, 25 Countries

I have occasionally listed the places around the world where readers of 3L Epiphany have come from (see e.g. here). I do this for the sole purpose of displaying the inherent potential of law student blogs to connect with readers that are typically unreachable. The new list below is nothing I can boast in, because these readers were referred here by blogs like The Volokh Conspiracy and How Appealing. But law students should recognize that blogs can transcend typical geographic boundaries, allowing their work to be known globally.

Because of links from established blogs with a large readership, I received almost 900 visits in one single day. The total for this past week is 1,972. I expect that this number may be greater than the subscription rate of many law reviews and journals. I have also been read by people from more than 35 different countries since beginning two months ago (25 in the past four days).


Law students, your journal note or article, no matter how excellent, will not be read in that many places by that many people. If you begin a personal blog that becomes an authority on a particular legal issue, you will be read. It is worthwhile to avail yourself of this tremendous new resource for publishing your work.

Below is a partial list of places where visitors to 3L Epiphany from the past four days have come from. I did not include the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, or Australia.

1. Brazil (Goinea)

2. Chile (Santiago)

3. China (Beijing)

4. Columbia (Bogot)

5. Czech Republic (Prague)

6. Estonia (Tallinn)

7. France (Grenoble)

8. Germany (Berlin; Frankfurt; Garstedterdamm; Rodetal; Stephanshausen)

9. Guatemala (Guatemala City)

10. Hong Kong

11. Hungary (Budapest)

12. Ireland (Dublin)

13. Israel (Haifa)

14. Kenya

15. Korea (Seoul)

16. Mexico (Mexico City)

17. Morocco

18. Netherlands (Amsterdam)

19. New Zealand (Ngauranga; Runciman)

20. Norway (Oslo)

21. Phillipines (Phillipine)

22. Romania (Bordea; Neamt) 

23. Slovenia (Ljubljana)

24. Spain (Madrid)

25. Sweden (Malm; Nynshamn)

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What an upsetting thought that my Note will not be read so widely. But if a Note is posted on a Blog? In fact, my Note was posted on a Blog, and I subsequently have received letters at the Journal Office from people who have read my Note via the Blog. I guess that just shows the power of the Blog even more. People who would have never read my Note, did in fact read it because they found it on a Blog.

Posted by: DEJ | Mar 18, 2006 7:28:29 PM

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