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Sleep, and New Advice

I received a visit from an OSU law student last night at 3:27 am. I'm assuming it's an OSU student because of the domain name and the referral. The student came here via the Moritz Registrar’s blog.

3:27 am? Friend, get some sleep. Study hard, yes, but don't kill yourself. Of course, you may have had an assignment due today, or any number of things. I've certainly been there. Just don't do that too often, or for too many days in a row, unless you have some way to rejuvenate.

Maybe you were just watching late-night TV, and decided to check the Registrar's blog. That's a good habit.

This reminds me of one important piece of advice that 1L Blues failed to mention. It's actually more important than all the other advice: Be friendly to the Registrar's office! Not only do the two “wonder-women” deserve it for all their hard work, but treating them with kindness will pay dividends later on, because they know all...

And they see all...

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Just popping in to say Thanks for the kind words and to let all of your Moritz Law readers know that while we may find serving friendly and pleasants students more than the grumpy ones, we also have our grumpy moments and so we try to just as good of a job for the grumpy law students!

Posted by: Kelly | Feb 16, 2006 12:22:38 PM

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