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More Posts Coming

I have several more posts coming, but I've come down with an illness (some kind of bronchial infection) so I rested this morning. I'll catch up later in the afternoon. You can file this in the "Thanks for telling me about your life, but I really didn't want to know that" department.

Visitors desiring something new should read Sean Sirrine's comments under the post immediately below. Thanks very much for all the info, Sean, and the compliment as well! I'll also have more to say about this particular example later, namely what to do about court citations to online sources with URL's that change, or even worse are taken over by an unknown entity.

There's also new comments under "Response to Prof. S" and "Response to Porten." One advantage of a blog is that the comments to previous posts can continue ad infinitum, leading to an ongoing discussion underneath the blog-surface. A disadvantage is that readers may not know about these new comments unless it's pointed out to them, because they're not inclined to re-read old posts.

Anyway, please stay tuned, same blog-time, same blog-channel.

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