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More Advice for 1L’s

Someone came here via Google by searching for “Advice for 1L’s.” This brought the reader to my post on 1L Blues. That same Google search also led to other helpful blog posts. I am listing a collection here from Letters of Marque. While it is mainly intended for 1L’s who are just beginning law school, it is still valid for students already proceeding full-speed ahead. I originally was going to copy and paste the items one by one, but after searching for most of them I found out that Blawg Wisdom already did the work for me here a year-and-a-half ago.

Heidi at Letters of Marque begins each post with the appropriate caveat that this is not “advice,” but simply a description of what worked for her. However, she clearly knows what she’s talking about, and her suggestions and experiences are well worth paying attention to. While I won’t necessarily endorse every single thing she says, I suspect that her first-year GPA is higher than mine. So here’s the collection:

1. Choosing a route

2. Reading a law school case (for the first time)

3. What to get from your classes

4. Being Socratic Bunny

5. Fun and Focus

6. Ladies and Gentleman, start your outlines

7. What's a "blueprint" anyways?

8. An incomplete list of generalized tips

9. The use of subjective knee-jerk reactions in law school

10. Exam Tips 1: Why IRAC Sucks

11. Exam Tips 2: Approaching the Question

12. Exam Tips 3: What you should get out of practice exams

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