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Greetings! And a brief introduction...

Welcome to 3L Epiphany. My name is Ian Best, and I'm a third-year law student at Ohio State University (Moritz College of Law). What follows is a brief introduction about the rationale behind the 3L Epiphany blog.

I created 3L Epiphany primarily to study the growing phenomenon of "blawgs," the weblogs of lawyers, law professors, and law students. I have three main purposes in mind:

First, 3L Epiphany will be a typical, personal blog where I can learn the practical aspects of blogging.  I sincerely believe that the skills which I learn from this endeavor will be marketable ones, since blogging is becoming more prevalent and ubiquitous in the legal community.

Second, I plan to utilize 3L Epiphany as a  resource to demonstrate the many potential uses of a law student blog. In particular, I believe that blogging will eventually provide an entirely new model for displaying legal and professional skills to potential employers, and I expect to make 3L Epiphany an example of how this can be done.

Third, I plan to study "blawgs" directly, especially those of legal practitioners. I will tour the legal blogosphere in order to discern the benefits and consequences of blogging. And I will interact directly with lawyers who blog to ascertain their personal observations and conclusions.

By the end of the semester, I expect that 3L Epiphany will have become a useful resource for "blawgers" of every kind. And I especially hope that present and future law students will consider 3L Epiphany as a precedent-setting manifestation of a student blog's inherent possibilities.

Today I will only post this introduction. On most days I expect to post several times, but since this is the "launch day" I will just leave this post at the top. I plan to write more substantially about the purpose of this blog tomorrow, and I will reveal a hidden secret that will change the course of law school future...

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Good luck!

Posted by: Scoplaw | Feb 4, 2006 3:56:30 PM

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