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Apologies for Light Posting

I realize that posting has been light lately. The illness I described here is not over yet, and I've had a reaction to some of the medication. (I didn't want this to be a personal blog, but there you go.) In the midst of regular law school responsibilities, I am about to begin my MPRE 4-hour prep course. Right at this very minute, in fact; they just walked in with the books. Meanwhile I also have several editing assignments for journal to complete over the next 2 days.

Of course, this is nothing unusual (except the illness). Any law student can relate to the constant influx of work and responsibilities. But I did want to explain that my posting was not intended to be so light or sporadic, and I expect that this coming week, probably March 1st, I'll be able to have a fresh start with more consistent and substantial material.

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned.

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