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Academic Blogging (1)

[Originally posted on Feb. 5, 2006:]

I have compiled a collection of blog posts and articles on the subject of “Academic Blogging.” I have divided them up according to the blog or online journal in which they appeared, and then followed blog protocol by listing them in reverse chronological order. The majority of the blog posts are from law professor “blawgs,” but a few are from other academic disciplines.

I fully realize that this collection, completed two weeks ago, is already outdated and that there are new discussions going on. But I believe that this compendium indicates the growing importance and sophistication of the legal academic blogosphere. In this context it is relevant to ask whether law student blogs will also achieve greater respectability, and contribute something of value to legal scholarship.

My intention is to demonstrate the value in organizing and structuring conversations from the blogosphere. These blog posts and articles offer extremely significant insights into the nature of academic blogging. This compendium fixes these insights into one readily accessible location, so that this resource can provide a foundation for future discussions.

I have also made available a Word document for downloading, containing all of the posts and articles with their URL's. I would like to thank the professors who contributed to this project and who offered me further suggestions. 


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