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Academic Blogging (2)

Academic Blogging

A Collection of Blog Posts and Articles

I. American Constitution Society Blog

Bridging the Divide Between the Blogsphere and Law Reviews, Liz Aloi (Oct. 29, 2005): link

II. Althouse

Where are the women lawprof bloggers?, Ann Althouse (Jan. 09, 2006): link

Blogging: is it serious or fun?, Ann Althouse (Aug. 2, 2005): link 

Academic blog controversies, Ann Althouse (Nov. 16, 2005): link

III. Balkinization

More Proof that Blogging Can Be a Form of Scholarship, Jack Balkin (Sept. 29, 2005): link

IV. Becker-Posner Blog

Introduction to the Becker-Posner Blog, Richard Posner (Dec. 5, 2004): link 

V. The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Blogosphere as a Carnival of Ideas, Henry Farrell (Oct. 7, 2005): link

They Shoot Messengers, Don’t They?, Ivan Tribble (pseud.) (Sept. 2, 2005): link

Bloggers Need Not Apply, Ivan Tribble (pseud.) (July 8, 2005): link

VI. Cliopatria et al [History]

My Colleagues Speak Up…, Ralph E. Luker (Sept. 14, 2005): link

The Tribble Fall-Out, and what we can do about it, Rebecca Goetz (Sept. 13, 2005): link

Me and Professor Tribble, Mark Grimsley (Sept. 5, 2005): link

More Tribble, More Troubles, Miriam Burstein (Sept. 4, 2005): link

VII. Concurring Opinions

Blogging Without Tenure, Daniel J. Solove (Jan. 9, 2006): link 

Blog Posts: Conversation or Publication?, Daniel J. Solove (Nov. 1, 2005): link 

Editing the Blogosphere, Daniel J. Solove (Oct. 30, 2005): link 

Why Blogging Is Good, Daniel J. Solove (Oct. 6, 2005): link 

VIII. Conglomerate

(Sigh) Women & Blogging, Part 72, Christine Hurt (Jan. 8, 2006): link

To Delete or Not to Delete?, Christine Hurt (Oct. 30, 2005): link

Improving on the Perfection of Blogs, Christine Hurt (Aug. 2, 2005): link

IX. Crooked Timber

Blogging and Tenure, Henry Farrell (Jan. 10, 2006): link 

Academic Blogging, Brian Weatherson (Sept. 14, 2005): link 

Blogging and Academic Jobs, Henry Farrell (Sept. 14, 2005): link 

X. DanielDrezner [Political Science]

So I See There’s An Article in Slate, Daniel Drezner (Nov. 18, 2005): link 

So Friday was a Pretty Good Day…, Daniel Drezner (Nov. 5, 2005): link 

Seven Days Later…, Daniel Drezner (Oct. 14, 2005): link

So Friday Was a Pretty Bad Day, Daniel Drezner (Oct. 8, 2005): link 

Grad students: no blogs allowed, Daniel Drezner (July 8, 2005): link 

Can academics be bloggers? Daniel Drezner (Mar. 13, 2005): link 

Here Goes Nothing, Daniel Drezner (Sept. 10, 2002): link 

XI. Ideoblog

Blogging: distraction from what?, Larry Ribstein (Jan. 9, 2006): link 

Blogging and scholarly productivity, Larry Ribstein (Oct. 11, 2005): link 

Blogging, tenure and the incentives of tenure committees, Larry Ribstein (Oct. 11, 2005): link 

The Drezner tenure denial, Larry Ribstein (Oct. 11, 2005): link

Do Bloggers Just Want to Have Fun?, Larry Ribstein (Aug. 2, 2005): link 

Blogging and tenure, Larry Ribstein (June 22, 2005): link 

Blogging as academic publishing, Larry Ribstein (Apr. 12, 2005): link 

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