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Academic Blogging (3)

XII. Insider Higher Ed.com

Notes from the Underground, Scott McLemee (Jan. 18, 2006): link 

XIII. Instapundit

Blogging and Legal Scholarship, Glenn Reynolds (Jan. 8, 2006): link 

Misconceptions, Glenn Reynolds (Sept. 6, 2004): link 

Can a Blog Entry Count as Scholarship, Glenn Reynolds (June 17, 2003): link 

Little Things, Glenn Reynolds (Tech Central Station) (Feb. 20, 2002): link 

XIV. JohnHawks.net [Anthropology]

Hawks in Slate on blogging and tenure, John Hawks (Nov. 17, 2005): link 

XV. Legal Theory Blog

Blogging, Legal Scholarship, and Academic Careers, Larry Solum (Jan. 9, 2006): link

XVI. Leiter Reports

Is the Internet Hurting Scholarship?, Brian Leiter (Apr. 20, 2005): link

Posner on blogs, Brian Leiter (Dec. 6, 2004): link

More on Academic Credit for Blogging, Brian Leiter (Jan. 9, 2004): link

Academic Credit for Law Blogging?, Brian Leiter (Jan. 9, 2004): link

XVII. PrawfsBlawg

Scholarship or Distraction?, Dan Markel (Jan. 9, 2006): link 

More thoughts about blogs as a law professor’s medium, Doug Berman (Aug. 3, 2005): link 

Topical versus generalist blogging, Kaimi Wenger (Aug. 2, 2005): link 

More on the academic value of blogging, Rick Garnett (Aug. 2, 2005): link 

Bloggership? On Blogs as Scholarship and Academic Blogging, Daniel Solove (Aug. 2, 2005): link 

How might we improve blogs as an academic medium?, Doug Berman (Aug. 1, 2005): link 

Blogs and Academic Disciplines, Ron Wright (July 29, 2005): link 

Blogarship? Scholarlog?, David Zaring (July 6, 2005): link 

Law Professor Blogger Census (Version 2.0), Daniel Solove (June 16, 2005): link 

Should Law Schools Subsidize Blogging? For SSRN’s sake?, Dan Markel (Apr. 12, 2005): link 

XVIII. Professor Bainbridge

Blogging and Tenure, Stephen Bainbridge (Oct. 13, 2005): link 

Bloggers Just Wanna Have Fun, Stephen Bainbridge (Aug. 1, 2005): link 

Academic credit for blogging, Stephen Bainbridge (Jan. 7, 2004): link 

Blogging as Academic Work, Stephen Bainbridge (Aug. 3, 2005): link 

XIX. Slate

Attack of the Career-Killing Blogs, Robert S. Boynton (Nov. 16, 2005): link

XX. TaxProf Blog

Blogging: Scholarship or Distraction?, Paul Caron (Jan. 8, 2006): link 

XXI. The Volokh Conspiracy

Blogging and Scholarship, Randy Barnett (Jan. 9, 2006): link 

Lawprof Blogging: Scholarship or Distraction?, Orin Kerr (Jan. 8, 2006): link 

Boynton on Academic Blogging, Orin Kerr (Nov. 16, 2005): link 

Drezner’s Denial and Academic Blogging, Juan Non-Volokh (pseud.) (Oct. 9, 2005): link 

Why Blogs Will Not Replace Law Reviews, Orin Kerr (July 6, 2005): link 

Query on Blogs and Legal Scholarship, Orin Kerr (July 5, 2005): link 

Blogging and Blog-Reading – Why and Why Not?, Eugene Volokh (Apr. 8, 2005): link 

The Future of Legal Scholarship?, Orin Kerr (Feb. 10, 2005): link 

Are Blogs and SSRN Changing Legal Scholarship?, Orin Kerr (June 4, 2003): link

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