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Welcome to a Tanzanian Visitor

At this moment (8:30 am) someone is reading this blog from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Welcome to this site. You're my first reader from Africa. Thanks for coming.

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why are you phrasing your sentences as though this person was an alien? "welcome stranger. i come in peace."

Posted by: v | Feb 8, 2006 3:03:14 PM

Why? Because a law student in Ohio doesn't typically have contact with an unknown visitor from Tanzania. I sincerely doubt that the reader from Tanzania was offended if he read my post. More likely he found it remarkable that I could tell where he was located at that moment and say "hello" while he was still online. He also might have liked the idea of being the first person in his entire continent to read a particular blog.

Posted by: 3L Epiphany | Feb 8, 2006 3:26:47 PM

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