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A Preview of Coming Attractions

Because the previous post on Academic Blogging was a major one, and because I am aware of law professor bloggers who intend to link to it tomorrow, I am going to refrain from moving it too far down with a bunch of new postings. Incidentally, I wish I knew how to enlarge the side margins of this blog, and I especially wish I could arrange for long posts to be turned into a few initial paragraphs followed by a "Continue Reading" link. That way interested readers could dive beneath the blog-surface, and the front page would not become one long stream of prose. Unfortunately my basic Typepad service does not seem to include these features, but perhaps I'm just ignorant of what's available. Any Typepad users who get the basic level of service, feel free to inform me if these features can be utilized. I suppose you could call this my first "bleg."

Here is what I plan on blogging about soon (if not tomorrow):

  • This article from DC Bar.org discussing legal practitioner blogs with their pros and cons.
  • An explanation of how this Independent Study came to fruition.
  • Links to more websites that have recommended 3L Epiphany, with the appropriate expressions of gratitude.
  • A brief analysis of statistics indicating the origins of traffic to this site.
  • Lessons learned from my first few days of blogging.
  • A meta-blogging analogy from a lousy movie with a single brilliant scene.

So stay tuned...

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Ian: Two things. First, many people do not like it when blogs use the "Continue Reading" feature. Second, if your plan allows it, here's how to find it:
A.) When you're in the post feature, scroll down to the bottom of the page.
B.) See if you can find the active link that reads: "Customize the display of this page."
C.) Click it.
D.) Scroll down to "Post Screen Configuration."
E.) Find "Custom."
F.) Check the box for "Extended Post."
G.) Scroll down and "Save."

I'm pretty sure this is a feature you can't use with the "Basic" subscription. Good luck, anyway.

Posted by: Mike | Feb 7, 2006 12:13:39 AM

Also, changing the width of the columns likely involves changing the code in the template for this page. In theory you should be able to simply edit that template with the desired widths. Your best bet is to find someone who has done some website development at your school to help you out. I'd offer to help, but I am down in Cinci so I can't really look over your shoulder and direct you ;)

Posted by: Chris | Feb 7, 2006 7:05:46 AM

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