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Extend Firefox 3 Contest Winners Great for Online Researchers

Mozilla Labs has announced the winners of its Extend Firefox 3. The three grand prize winners in the Best New Add-On go to (1) an open source tool for making diagrams and GUI prototyping called Pencil; (2) Tagmarks, a one-click bookmark tagging add-on; and (3) HandyTag which provides a complete set of most relevant keywords in the bookmark’s edition panel.

Best Updated Add-on grand prize winners are (1) Read It Later which allows you to save pages of interest to read later, thereby eliminating the cluttering of bookmarks with sites that are merely of a one-time interest; (2) TagSifter for browsing your bookmarks by their tags; and (3) Bookmark Previews which adds previews to the tooltips in the bookmarks sidebar.

See the Mozilla Labs blog post for download links. [JH]

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