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Law Of The Blog By a Layperson for Laypersons

Law Of The Blog: A Blogger's Guide to Copyright, Defamation, Trademark and Other Legal Issues is a 72 page $9.95 self-published eBook written by Nicholas Carroll. Carroll writes that he is not a lawyer, stating "my legal experience comes through business (publishing, real estate, manufacturing, services, etc.), writing contracts, and occasional litigation." About his book he says:

If you're crazed about fine detail, you probably don't, because this is written for the lay reader, and I am not about to slam them with Latin. If you're one of the many lawyers who hates reading statute and case law, then think of Law of The Blog as a painless overview of the legal landscape of blogging and general online law. The final manuscript was sliced and diced – but never skewered – by lawyers in libel, personal injury, child rights, criminal, intellectual property, etc. Despite that there is no reliance, of course. (Or equitable estoppel.)

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